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Where did we become nowadays in Japan? Keihoku, Japan. It’s Thursday, October 26, 2018.We stayed in Keihoku with our organic farms WWOOF hosts. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. You can sign up on organic farms their website, choose a number from an area you need to go to, and chat with them till making preparations to volunteer in exchange for room and board. The specific specs vary extensively, so make sure to investigate a chunk earlier than randomly selecting a host.Where we stayed in KeihokuWe’re using an alternative course to budgeting with the aid of doing some volunteering on a farm. We won’t enclose the information of our host’s domestic, however WWOOFing is absolutely an choice worth sorting out. You can analyze greater approximately WWOOFing right here. What did we do these days? We dined at Kyoto Station’s 10th floor of ramenWho might have notion that a educate and bus station could have over 10 floors of shopping, food, and other conveniences?  Not us!Ben had study of a floor entirely of ramen shops, so we determined to see what became up. Upon achieving the tenth ground, it held actual. There were such a lot of alternatives to select from, however considered one of them stood out.What drew us in became the reality that they’d a free bowl of tough boiled eggs earlier than your meal. Hungry already, we started out munching down till knowing that the eggs were truly supposed to be placed into the ramen – woops!Being our first valid eating place meal, we have been very well inspired with the carrier of the body of workers. The save changed into tidy and easy, with the entirety being timed correctly. We were inside and out in no time!It’s worth mentioning that the provider right here in Japan is out of this global. From well timed and inexpensive public transportation to the general cleanliness of the u . s . a ., the spirit of Japan reigns over each element of existence.We joined our WWOOF hosts at their farm and picked edamameWe were so excited upon our arrival that we set out to do some farming proper away. Our hosts showed us one of their farms that they rent out for brilliant reasonably-priced (in contrast to america.) As we walked to the farm, a pair locals handed us by using and we greeted every other warmly. While we don’t recognise an excessive amount of Japanese, anyone is familiar with a grin. It’s tremendous so one can cross the limitations of language and reach out through our usual human enjoy.On the farm itself, we were surpassed some baggage and brought about a bed of edamame. It turned into the primary time we noticed the plant, however they depended on us enough to get selecting the beans.We cleaned up their returned backyard of fallen bushes from the hurricaneThe hurricane that hit Japan became no joke. Even up within the mountains in Keihoku we witnessed the quantity of its damage.Our hosts tasked us with putting off a fallen tree from the hurricane and slicing it as much as put together as firewood. They have a conventional tub right here with a stove outdoor that takes some time to warmth up. These timber, as soon as dried, burn quite properly and make top notch firewood. Fires here are quite common, with every person burning their flammable trash and recycling the rest. Living in California, we haven’t had a hazard to play with fire in a long term, as it is usually banned because of droughts. Another tree had to be trimmed as its branches had been nearly getting tangled within the energy lines overhead. This truely provided a safety problem, so we did not hesitate. Later, we learned that the leaves on the branches had been clearly bay leaves, which are used as an herb in cooking. They were trimmed and organic farms bagged numerous days later, every leaf offered for 10 yen with five leaves according to bag. Who says money doesn’t develop on timber?Our WWOOF host supplied us with vegan ramen for dinnerTo think that our day has been full of ramen is a great pleasure. From a beefy ramen in downtown Kyoto to a scrumptious vegan model from an organic farm in Keihoku, we surely satiated our craving in the intervening time!So a ways, we have had an vast possibility to discover multiple sides of Japan. Usually it is simply the 2 of us going for walks round and staying at hostels, so WWOOFing is a incredible opportunity to hook up with locals and have a greater healthful revel in.Our hosts – one, a Canadian transplant dwelling in Japan, and the opposite a Budhhist Monk – were heat and welcoming human beings that opened their doors to us, allowing us to experience Japan via a different lens. We chatted about a variety of topics, from mindfulness and journey to natural farming and veganism. After supper, we all helped smooth up and then rested for the evening before our first day on the farm! How a whole lot did we spend budgeting in Keihoku? Food: ¥1130 / $10.07 – Had Japanese ramen on the 10th ground of Kyoto Station before departure, and it changed into bomb! This was our first meal ingesting out considering we had no hostel to cook dinner. Transport: ¥1130 / $10.08 – Took the remaining stop to Shuzan from Kyoto station.Lodging: $0 – WWOOFing is loose! Sightseeing: $0  Other: ¥500 / $2.23 – We sold a present of yatsuhashi for our WWOOF hosts upon arrival. Today: ¥2506 / $22.38 If simplest every day might be like this, proper? Haha!Did we make our price range today? Yes, of course we did. Now, that is going without announcing; we’re the usage of this time to scale back on the prices that we procured at some stage in our journeying. Some days, we honestly blew our price range out of the water, like Hakone Day 4, or food practise for Mount Fuji on Day 5.To hold up to date on our WWOOFing enjoy, be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page, Instagram and weblog!   Until subsequent time, secure travels!

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