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organic farms Harvesting organic white tea. Photocourtesy of Rishi Tea.

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October 2005

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Experience Organic Farming Firsthand as a “Wwoofer”

My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to Organic Matter for October 2005.


Nope, no dogs right here. This Wwoof stands for “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms,” an organization that seeks to bring together adventurous souls who need to study organic farming, and natural farmers in want of help. Wwoof possibilities exist in international locations as some distance-flung and various as Denmark and China, Nepal and Slovenia, and Korea and Canada (sure, you could Wwoof inside the U.S. as well). Wwoofing is unpaid labor; you’re a volunteer. In wellknown, a Wwoofer offers more or less 6 hours of exertions in line with day, 6 days in line with week, for hotels (that could variety from camping to living inside the host’s house), at the least a few food, and, now not incidentally, knowledge. I’ve most effective been to at least one Wwoof host (and I didn’t move as a Wwoofer), but here’s my description in their lifestyle:  

Bypass the organic farms organic farms flock of magpies that hangs hopefully and constantly across the kitchen door. Down the direction, you’ll find the turkey, the chooks (Australian slang for “chickens”), the geese, and a pair of ducks. If you cross a little farther back, you’ll see the three alpacas of their enclosure. There’s a house, too, however what you notice immediately about the belongings is the garden. You can’t help it, as the garden takes up so much space—about 3-half acres. It’s sprawling and typically untidy, but it though yields some lovely herbs and end result and vegetables. The gardening is done organically, however there’s in no way enough time for A. and D., the couple who very own this land, to have a tendency the lawn well. This husband-and-wife group have had as a minimum 30 Wwoofers live with them up to now, one for as long as eight months. The Wwoofers, who have come from countries including South Korea, Scotland, Thailand, and Germany, stay inside the couples’ house and take food with them. In return, they provide palms to help in feeding the chicken, feeding and on foot the alpacas, feeding those magpies or different wild birds within the vicinity (A. and D. have several hen feeders), getting materials for the animals, or yardwork. If the Wwoofers are handy inside the kitchen, they will find themselves assisting A. as she stirs up yet another batch of her appropriate chutneys or preserves; people with neat handwriting may be pressed into carrier writing labels for these products, that are bought to nearby boutiques or on the month-to-month Farmers’ Market, that is as exhilarating as it’s far laborious. The couple are sociable and excellent-natured and frequently have friends and household over. One thing I specifically like approximately the hosts right here is that the Wwoofers seem to come to be extended own family, preserving in touch through e-mail and contact calls and returning for more visits. It’s a incredible feel of network.

Describing what one is probably doing as a Wwoofer is hard, because so a number of the farms have a distinct focus. I’ve seen listings for Wwoofers desired to help with cheesemaking, olive-choosing, carpentry, vegetable garden tending, berry-planting, fence-constructing, caring for cattle, residence-sitting, wellknown family assist, or even assisting at a yoga/meditation center. Everything depends on who needs what on the time you browse the listings.

It was that almost all Wwoofers were beneath 25 or so, venturesome more youthful folk who longed to peer a number of the arena and weren’t settled down. Nowadays, but, there are infant boomers and older tourists within the blend. Some people simply want to break out from town life for some time, and Wwoofing can be a way to manage that and study simultaneously (as you might expect, maximum Wwoof hosts do not live in cities, and lots of stay in rural areas). And time commitment is often negotiable. Some hosts specify a minimum time dedication, regularly one to four weeks, despite the fact that longer remains are possible relying upon how the experience goes for both parties. Wwoofers can be singles, couples, or pals journeying collectively. Some hosts even allow you to bring your baby and/or your dog!

How does it work? For the great and maximum accurate records, surf over to In a nutshell, though, you must first decide in which us of a you want to Wwoof, then join the corporation in that us of a (a modest rate is required to sign up for). Once you’re a member, you’ll have get admission to to the host listings. Ideally, host listings describe the kind(s) of work you’ll be anticipated to do, whether revel in is needed, the sort of inns available, and any bonuses or regulations. In this latter category, you may discover that the host lives near excellent hiking or kayaking territory, can produce vegetarian or maybe vegan food, or doesn’t need smokers or youngsters. You touch the host and arrange your live; it is of extreme significance that you don’t just display up! Quite other than some thing else, it’s completely unfair to the host.

As is the case with the whole lot on this international, not all Wwoofer reviews are positive. Even in a completely entire listing, you gained’t know precisely what you’re getting into until you’re there. Presumably, some flexibility of attitude is a brilliant help. But I’ve read a few remarkable money owed written with the aid of Wwoofers about their farm remains, and I even have first-hand understanding of the feel of circle of relatives that surrounds the Wwoofers on the Australian hosts described above. If you need fingers-on information of organic farming, Wwoofing is probably an excellent way to go. 

Organic Find of the Month: Rishi Tea

What can be so unique approximately a tea organization these days? Everybody sells the stuff. Well, that’s simply the point. Everybody does seem to promote tea nowadays, and plenty of it is 2nd-fee. That’s now not the case right here. I want you may concentrate to this organization’s “tea guru” communicate, even for five mins, about the beverage he loves; his know-how appears to be encyclopedic. And he’s made so many journeys to tea-growing regions of the sector (Rishi Tea believes in relationships with their tea growers, no longer with middlemen) that I’m sure he has sufficient frequent-flyer miles for a spherical journey to Jupiter. I’ve watched this enterprise grow through the years, and I just like the truth that they take proper pleasure in what they promote, specially as their services keep to growth in wide variety and variety.

But this is an organics column, and we have to now not overlook those concepts. Luckily, Rishi Tea doesn’t, both; they have got a fine selection of natural teas from which to choose. Many of those teas also are Fair Trade. There’s an natural and Fair Trade Earl Grey, as an example, however in case you’d decide on something a trifle greater special, how about the organic Jasmine Pearl? If you’re into white tea, an natural Snow Buds (Xue Ya) is to be had, or possibly an organic Citron Oolong? There are Yerba Mate blends and Chai, too. Even in case you’ve determined to forego caffeine, Rishi Tea still has you included, inside the form in their Caffeine-Free Botanical Blends, which include the natural Ginger Lime Rooibos.

I suppose exceedingly sufficient of Rishi Tea that I’ve given it as a present to a person I remember a tea connoisseur. Oh, and I’ve pretty forgotten to say their beautiful teaware, which they don’t sell enough themselves (the first-class way to peer their choice is to click on on the “Store” link in their website; by this, you could realize they characteristic on-line ordering, as nicely). Surf over to In this busy world of ours, it’s best to realize that some clicks of the mouse can deliver you virtually fine comfort in a cup.    

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