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February 6, 2012

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October, 2010 – July, 2011

Recording LocationDitmas Park, Brooklyn, NYPhiladelphia, PATarquin Studios, Bridgeport, TRAMP CTSubmit CorrectionsAlbum MoodsAlbum ThemesSharon TRAMP Van Etten

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When Sharon Van Etten issued the mockingly titled seven-track Epic in 2009, it stood in stark assessment to her 2007 debut, Because I Was in Love. On the latter TRAMP report, she employed a full-on rock band, her songwriting won a greater defined precision, and her singing voice — even at its maximum inclined — regarded to speak with a self belief that didn’t seem to want any frame of reference apart from its very own. Tramp is titled in the course of post-relationship uncertainty and the duration of homelessness Van Etten skilled at some point of its 14-month recording method. Produced by using the National’s Aaron Dessner, who puts the songwriter’s nice singing voice the front and center, it capabilities visitor appearances by using Zach Condon, Julianna Barwick, and extra. “Warsaw,” with its jagged electric powered guitars, bass, halting keyboards, and primitive, tom-tom heavy drums, is a shambling illustration of what is to be determined here. Van Etten’s protagonist remains vulnerable, however she wills herself towards a horizon beyond it. Likewise, the set’s first unmarried “Serpents,” with its rumbling guitars and cracking snares, frankly discusses being physically and emotionally abused, however it comes from the opposite aspect, her protagonist is out of the state of affairs, refusing to be a sufferer. TRAMP Jenn Wassner’s backing vocals in each line rework this into an anthem of survival. Not everything here falls down the rock & roll rabbit hole, however. Acoustically driven ballads inclusive of “Kevin’s,” “All I Can,” and “Leonard” highlight her subject’s man or woman defects and vulnerabilities in addition to those of her enormous different’s. Van Etten’s lyrics accuse as plenty as they confess and empathize. More frequently than not, her subject is the one who leaves, as opposed to the only left; the motives are myriad: betrayal, co-dependency, a willingness in the TRAMP direction of an emotional freedom that lets in love itself to dictate what it expects. There is first rate splendor on Tramp, in particular in its remaining 0.33; from the jaunty, acoustic walk of “We Are Fine” to the multi-textured, nearly psych-pop of “I’m Wrong,” to the airy, drifting closer “Joke or a Lie.” For all this, Van Etten skirts the edges of giving us a first rate album with out simply delivering one. Perhaps it is the exhaustive, confessional nature of its songs, its reliance on 3 basic melodic thoughts, or even its length. Whatever the reason(s), Tramp would not quite fulfill its vast promise. But this isn’t always a complaint; Van Etten is still a young, growing songwriter who gets greater state-of-the-art with every album. As such, Tramp offers masses for listeners to enjoy as she is going.

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