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Highest Performing Solar Vacuum Tubes

Northern Lights is a international leader in providing Pre-Engineered sun thermal heating answers for houses and business. We provide turnkey DIY sun water heating solutions for decent water, swimming pools, area heating and industrial heating programs. Our Pre-Designed solar water heating kits store on layout prices and installation expenses at the same time as provide the best returns in the industry.

Solar Home Heating

Solar domestic heating and sun area heating is viable because of the better output of warmth strength that sun evacuated tubes provide. Combining sun water heaters with each home hot water and area heating maximizes the go back for your funding. Our sun heating machine without difficulty adapt to any form of domestic heating together with compelled air furnaces, radiators and hydronic ground heating. Even integrating Solar Thermal with Geo Thermal is possible!


Solar Water Heaters are the perfect way to harness the solar’s power at once. Heating domestic water the use of sun goes returned as some distance as 1892 while the first sun water heater became used in a residential application. With the tax incentives available in North America and Worldwide, solar water heating has exploded in recognition. Northern Lights pre-packaged sun water heating kits are smooth to install and provides exceptional overall performance and safety.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool warmers are one of the maximum common examples of sun water heaters. Unlike traditional black plastic mat structures, we use high performance sun vacuum tubes or flat plat solar collectors separated from the pool water via a warmth exchanger in a closed loop. This kind of gadget is not suffering from wind conditions and works on cloudy and bloodless days. By isolating the pool water from the solar pool heater, there may be no inner damage that is generally because of chlorine or salt water. Our solar pool warmers last up to four instances longer than plastic mat systems. Solar Hot Tub Heating is likewise a totally popular way of the use of solar energy to keep $.

Commercial Solar Heating

Perhaps the greatest opportunities for solar water warmers is for sun industrial heating packages and commercial system warmth. Any commercial enterprise that uses warm water such as automobile wash, inns, laundry centers, pool, and agriculture industry are most of the primary assets for commercial sun heating system. Our pre-engineered commercial structures make design and set up short and fear loose. With such a lot of government offers, paybacks can be seen in just a few years. We offer loose design and installation help for all our commercial sun water heaters.

Northern Lights Solar Solutions is a global leader in offering pre-designed and DIY sun water heaters for residential and industrial programs. Our sun heating designs are pre-engineered to provide short and easy installation with maximum performance.

We specialize in sun vacuum tube hydronic heating answers which provide superior iciness warmth performance for less warm SOLAR climates. The equal vacuum tube technology can also be utilized in our sun pool heating systems to provide dependable pool heating that remaining 4 instances longer than conventional solar pool heating methods.

Solar Vacuum Tubes provide up to ninety four% performance and not like different sun water heaters, they do now not lose their warmness electricity to the encompassing outdoor air. Even in -30 climate conditions, the solar evacuated tubes nevertheless deliver warmness electricity to the heating device.

Our Solar Water Heaters can reach a good deal better running temperatures and are splendid for other applications which include solar space heating and commercial procedure heating.

Solar Vacuum Tubes

All our DIY solar water warmers use award prevailing SunRain Solar vacuum tubes. SunRain is the worldwide leader in presenting sun evacuated tube warmers the use of warmth pipe era. These sun warmers have a 10 yr guarantee and have the best solar performance score by using the SRCC (Solar Rating Certificate Corporation). Our DIY sun heating kits are each OGG a hundred certified and OG-300 certified and as such qualify for US federal and country rebates and credits. Our machine are also CSA licensed beneath each F3798 and F379 requirements for solar water heater installations in Canada.

Solar Water Heater For Pool

Northern Light’s Advance Solar Water Heaters also are wonderful for pool owners.  Unlike traditional plastic sun pool warmers, we use a sperate closed loop solar pool gadget that isolates the damaging pool water through a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger.   This gadget runs on a fragment of the cost and final for four times longer than conventional pool heaters.   The solar pool heaters can be furnished in vacuum tubes or flat plate sun creditors.  The advanced technology lets in you to heat you pool even in cloudy weather and can also be used in the iciness for indoor swimming pools!  Click here for greater facts on solar pool heaters.

Compact Solar Water Heaters for Southern USA and Caribbean

We also provide complete compact solar water warmers that have the same heat pipe vacuum tubes constructed into the eighty gallon chrome steel garage SOLAR tanks. These are the most low-budget manner of imparting domestic hot water needs the usage of solar electricity. These whole units are OG three hundred certified for USA tax credits. The unit is commonly placed at the roof or floor hooked up. These incorporated sun water warmers are ideal in heat climates that revel in little freezing conditions. They are best for sun in southern USA, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

If you want assist in sizing a solar water heater please supply us a name 1 800 317 9054. We have over two decades of enjoy designing the whole lot from small residential structures to massive industrial structures. If you’re seeking out elements inclusive of sun piping, sun controllers, sun warmness exchangers or solar water tanks. Please go to our solar water heating keep.

Our solar water heaters come complete as a turnkey bundle with each element included. This lets in any home proprietor or business to speedy installation a a hit water heating device with little to no experience. By the usage of special Aurora FlexTM stainless-steel solar line units, there’s no want for soldering experience and the device connects with easy short join fittings.

All our machine come widespread with dual zones enlargement ability which lets in owners to maximise their return by means of presenting warmness to a couple of zones such as domestic hot water and a pool or a hot tub, or space heating in the iciness and pool heating within the summer time. Our solar tanks have dual heat exchanges constructed in. The bottom warmth exchanger grants the solar power to the storage tanks and the top warmness exchanger is used to move the heat electricity to a secondary source together with radiant in-floor heating.

Our Systems are comprised of sun heating components sourced from the leaders within the industry inclusive of RESol sun pump stations and sun controllers made in Germany, Zilmet Hi-Temperature growth tanks from Italy and SolarStor hot water tanks with UL certification synthetic within the USA.

By providing pre-designed and pre-engineered bundle sun heating systems, customers may be assured that the overall performance of the systems and reliability are assured. We even move as some distance as supplying programming assistance to our customers in order that customers can quickly set the machine to deliver the quality performance ensuing SOLAR inside the maximum ROI in the sun water heating enterprise.

If you want help in sizing a sun water heater please give us a call 1 800 317 9054 or email us. If you’re searching out pricing visit our sun water heating keep for all your sun hydronic heating desires.

We additionally have flat plate sun collectors which might be perfect for sun home hot water in southern regions that revel in moderate winters with minimal freezing temperatures. These flat plate collectors also are most economical for solar pool heating in summer season months with very good performance in warm climates. Similar to our sun vacuum tube creditors, these flat plate creditors are fully licensed via SRCC and as such are eligible for rebates and tax credits! For extra statistics on flat plate solar heating panels click beneath.

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Northern Lights Solar Heating – DIY Pre-Engineered Solar Water Heating Packages

Solar Water Heater Articles

Commercial Solar Heating – Articles

No where is there a higher payback for solar thermal than in business solar water heating. Whether it be a big outside pool, a motel laundry facility, or a carwash. All have the want to warmness water and plenty of it. The design is the same however the wide variety of creditors is increase to cover the big heating load. Nothing says greater to the dedication to supporting with climate change than seeing corporations upload sun to reduce their impact in this plant!

Solar Pool Heating – Articles

Solar pool heating device have always been famous however when talking to pool owners, their biggest complaints are the lifestyles expectancy of those gadget. Plastic, Sun and Chlorine is a mixture for disaster and inevitably reasons leaks that ruin the machine and can harm building. Our solar pool heaters use flat plate creditors which can be separated by using titanium heat exchangers in a closed loop. This consequences in far superior performance and 4 instances the lifestyles expectancy.

Solar Hydronic Space Heating – Articles

Solar Hydronic Space Heating may be a great financial savings to excessive heating price. Customers which have radiant ground gadget will locate it very smooth to feature our solar thermal kits to their current hydronic heating systems. The first-class a part of including solar area heating to help with the iciness heating needs is you furthermore mght cover your domestic warm water loads each inside the iciness as well as the summer. Solar vacuum tubes were used successfully in Alaska and different extremely bloodless regions to help with the excessive price of fuel heating.

Solar Water Heating – Articles

Solar water heating has been the very best way to use sun electricity. It is price effective and each domestic use warm water. It does now not rely if you live in Northern USA or Canada where winters may be brutally bloodless, domestic hot water can be heated yr round with solar vacuum tubes. We take the bet training session of sizing a sun domestic hot water system by means of offering clients with pre-bundle solar water heating kits for any size of domestic or condo.

“I stored 1000kw of energy remaining month and SOLAR I’ll save even more now. the solar is quite properly heating the house. Since I deploy the TED electricity, I have been able to tweak the ground temp and positioned extra demand on the sun. I’m going for walks the numbers (TEMP) you counseled and it cycles about each 15 mins. It’s a quite sight looking the numbers upward thrust that fast. Please use me as a reference any time you need to. Your carrier and engineering is pinnacle shelf.”

“Given the extremely excessive price of propane in our Northern Camp, solar heating made such experience. The 1st season of operation we used much less than 1/2 of our ordinary propane utilization which was a financial savings of over $50,000 USD. We estimate the complete set up to have paid for itself with in the 1st 12 months. I could notably recommend Northern Lights Solar Solutions for any commercial design and set up. They came in on time and on finances that is what maximum corporations require. Most importantly the machine added the savings we were searching out.”

“Dan, thought I would ship you a reference letter in your DIY solar device that we installed closing 12 months. First allow me say your instructions have been thoroughly layed out and made it very easy for a 1st timer to apprehend and comply with. We had the device up and running in a weekend. My wife continually wanted radiant floor heating so we ran PEX piping in our remarkable room underneath the joist in the move slowly area and it is a satisfaction on those bloodless winter days. As for warm water, our deliver is limitless and we’ve got in no way run out despite 3 teenagers showering 1st element within the morning. I could recommend Northern Lights Solar Solutions to any of our buddies.”

“Northern Lights Solar Solutions. I verify that in October, 2009 I hired Northern Lights Solar Solutions for the installation of a residential sun warm water/home heating system. We have been conversing because March, 2009 concerning the capability installation of this device, and for the duration of this time that they had supplied me with expert and thorough support to my many questions inside the regions of website online optimization and system configurations. I can expectantly propose Northern Lights Solar Solutions as a solid and reliable supplier, installer, and experts of their subject.”

“Last 12 months I were given a quote from you for a sun heating unit for my residence of approximately $8000. I concept it changed into an excessive amount of at the time. There is a agency in the subsequent metropolis from me so I requested them for a quote. They stated it’d be approximately $5000 for a flat panel drain back machine ,so I ordered their system. I became omit lead. The unique quote neglected many items and I had to shop for $four hundred of copper pipe and connections by myself and now the drain returned does not drain lower back and I need to get $800 really worth of antifreeze.My total cost now could be close to $8000 and I still want their installer to return and take a look at my gadget. I turned into at your shop in Winnipeg last 12 months and your team of workers there appeared an awful lot extra expert and informed . I am sorry now that I just failed to purchase your system.”

“We researched many technologies looking to supplement are very excessive heating payments in Northern Ontario. Geo Thermal really did no longer have the payback we had been seeking out so we decided to attempt solar heating the use of warmth vacuum tubes for our cold winter months. We were so inspired we delivered it to each the store and the residence. We have had so much positive response that we approached Northern Lights Solar about the opportunity of a dealership. Now we’re advertising solar to nearby corporations with the potential to positively say that this era is the best manner to go!”

“We are scripting this in connection with Mike Stelling’s standard contract paintings. We hired Mike to install a sun domestic hot water/radiant ground gadget. Mike researched the best alternatives for our device, thinking about the dimensions of our domestic, the distance available to install the creditors and storage tanks, and our previous 12 months’s heating charges. One of his proposals changed into based on more moderen era (Northern Lights Solar Evacuated Heating Systems) than the conventional flat plate solar collectors of the 70’s. The Northern Lights Solar Heating System met our expectancies of the quantity of heating supplied within the space that we needed to installation the machine. So far the installation has executed very well, our domestic warm water wishes and radiant ground heating wishes have handed our expectancies of the system. Our propane use for heating and warm water have been vastly reduced from closing year.”

“On sunny days in a Kansas iciness ( -10 to 35 F) the gadget can warmth a hundred gallons of 60 diploma F water to properly over 100 ranges. In the spring I was capable of improve the temperature of my 8′ x 15′ x four’ countless pool from it’s 50 degree wintry weather temperature to a comfortable 85 tiers in only 2 days via the pool heat exchanger. I purchased extra water to air exchangers as well as pumps and thermostats as I could be trying many combos of using the loose hot water deliver. I am also thinking about supplementing the hot water deliver with a wood fired boiler on cloudy days. When and if it turns into remotely good value to convert sun to electric you could see by using my photos I even have masses of south dealing with roof space in addition to peaks for 6 foot Honeywell generators.”

“We are so impressed with our sun heating gadget. After three years we have determined an annual common financial savings of 72% of our heating bills. This amounts to approximately $2200 12 months and a payback of under five years given the 30% federal tax credit. I would exceedingly recommend Northern Lights Solar Solutions. Before I offered I researched some of corporations and observed the most comfort in both their understanding and the clean of installation of their device. Anyone contemplating installing sun wishes to make these guys their 1st prevent.”

“As a residential popular contractor, I first began gaining knowledge of sun warm water and heating systems for an off-the-grid patron trying to convert their hot water and in floor warmth to solar. Their aim become to pretty an awful lot put off their propane invoice, that is precisely what we did. I became so impressed with the effects of the Northern Lights Solar Solutions machine I hooked up for them, that I become forced to install a system for my very own home. My home, positioned at 10,000’ elevation, is in the critical mountains of Colorado. We are south going through, sponsored up to the Continental Divide, in an area of very cold snowy and windy winters. To our benefit, Colorado has on common over three hundred days of light according to year, making it a perfect vicinity for solar energy benefit. The Northern Lights system I mounted consists of ninety evacuated tubes established at the floor, and a one hundred twenty gallon double heat exchanger solar warm water storage tank controlled through a FloCon C+ Solar Working Station, Willow Pump and DeltaSol BS Plus included controller. The device has been up and operating for 2 months now, and has thus far furnished us with 100% of our warm water AND is heating approximately 25% of our home. Today, a regular day in December, our outside temperature became sixteen stages Fahrenheit and rose to 36 levels. The sky was broadly speaking sunny with a few clouds. We started out the day with the water in our tank at 123 stages Fahrenheit. At the cease of the day, that temperature is at 183.7 ranges Fahrenheit… a advantage of 60.7 tiers! I even have determined that regardless of how bloodless the temperature gets here, the evacuated tubes ALWAYS make heat. That is in direct comparison with the flat panel structures I even have visible. We are very pleased!”

Solar Water Heater Project Calgary ZooCALGARY ZOO SOLAR PROJECT, CALGARY

Northern Lights Solar Solutions elements the City of Calgary with sixteen SunRain Solar vacuum tube collectors for the Calgary Zoo to supply Solar Space Heating to the ENMAX conservatory.


Largest Solar Space Heating assignment in Western Canada! 18 x TZ58 1800 30R creditors for heating sixteen,000 square foot store with sun hydronic radiant floor warmness in concrete.

Solar Pool Heating ProjectMeadview Civic Association

I located your organization at the net, Northern Lights Energy Group, and beginning speakme with Cody Jung. He become very informative and replied all my questions in a timely and expert manner. He requested data on our pool and where we have been placed. Several phone calls and emails later I became very sure your corporation ought to assist us.


This venture integrates with home sun warm water supplying the customer almost a hundred% of their hot water desires. In the iciness time the excess solar warmness is dumped into a heat exchanger that assists with his radiant floor heating machine.

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