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Why LG?

Buying a solar panel gadget from LG approach you are shopping a excessive appearing product constructed to final for decades.

LG sees the ultimate 30 years as just the start. We look ahead to being a main contributor to the solar enterprise – and international sustainability efforts – for many years to return. Learn extra approximately why LG Solar panels are advocated.

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LG is the one panel that has skin in the game. We have close to 1 billion greenback enterprise in Australia, we have near 300 team of workers in five places of work.

We have 4 warehouses, we are a proper business. We do now not sit down there with 10-15 human beings bringing stuff in in a virtual workplace in which I do not even very own the cellphone so we’re so big that our guarantee which is a 25-year product replacement SOLAR assurance has a actual SOLAR meaning and in case you observe the history of the solar enterprise that may be a very very vital element.

Then we have a supplier network as a way to guide you ultimately so whilst you observe the general bundle tremendous panel top notch warranty crate dealer community I do not know every person else who can offer you inside the same manner that LG does.

So thank you very tons for joining us right here on the LG Energy internet site. We have regularly asked questions and all of the SOLAR answers.

We have beginners guides, movies from dealers, we’ve output calculators so you can certainly see what occurs on your region and how much it’s going to generate so please cross onto the website do your research if SOLAR you’re looking into sun LG is the manner to go.

Our Solar ProductsSolar Panels

High fine and long lasting sun panels with a 25 yr Product Warranty

Solar Batteries

Some of the fine lithium-ion sun domestic batteries from our sister corporation LG Chem

Why select LG Solar Panels?

Not all solar panels are built the SOLAR same. When you buy sun panels from LG Solar you’re making an investment in a product subsidized by means of years of enjoy and synthetic with the help of stringent research and trying out standards.

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