How To Shop For The Great Sun Warm Water Machine Choice

Cheap to run but not so reasonably-priced to buy – which system is for you?

You’ve just had a shocking strength bill, or your warm water machine desires changing, and you’re questioning if a sun or warmness pump version is probably the manner to head? Is it really worth the in advance fee and will it absolutely prevent money ultimately? The quick solution is: possibly sure.

A nicely chosen sun warm water system (HWS) or a heat pump may cost extra to start SOLAR SYSTEM with, however they can be substantially cheaper to run than a conventional electric or gasoline device. Good to your bank account and right for the planet. And some SOLAR SYSTEM of the acquisition value can be offset with authorities rebates and incentives.

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Rooftop solar warm water gadget

Solar warm water systems

Consists of sun collector panels and a SOLAR SYSTEM garage tank. A 4-individual family normally SOLAR SYSTEM needs approximately four rectangular metres of solar collector place ( panels) and a 300–360L tank. You want a massive tank to allow for days with much less sunlight SOLAR SYSTEM (or more hot showers than typical).Thermosiphon systems have each the collector panels and the garage tank established on the roof. The liquid inside the panels circulates into the tank via the thermosiphon impact (as water heats up, it turns into lighter and rises into the tank).Pumped or split structures have collector panels on the roof however the tank is positioned at floor level (or some place else inside the constructing). Hot water is pumped from the panels to the tank.If panels cannot be established in an ideal place (typically a north-facing part of the roof with out a shading) their performance may additionally drop and you’ll want a bigger collector region.Collectors can be flat panel or evacuated tubes. Evacuated tubes are typically more efficient – so require much less panel location, but they are also more steeply-priced.The storage tank commonly has an electric or gas booster detail to keep the water warm on days with less sunshine.In frost-prone regions, the water can freeze and damage the panels, so you want frost-tolerant panels which use a special warmness-exchange fluid to warmness the tank instead of heating the water without delay.Solar hot water structures can be relatively high priced and time-ingesting to put in as compared to conventional gasoline and electric hot water systems, but a well-selected gadget can pay for itself in the end because of very low going for walks costs.

Solar electricity isn’t usually capable of offer hot water heating all of the time. On days with little sunlight, or inside the evening while warm water has been in high call for during the day, the tank water can get too cold. It will want to be boosted (brought back as much as temperature) via both an electric powered detail or a gas burner.

Electric-boosted sun warm water structures are typically a bit less expensive to shop for, and they make extra experience if you’ve additionally got sun panels to lessen the fee of the strength. But warm water structures often want boosting at night time (whilst you’re possibly to be buying extra expensive strength from the grid) so the sun panels are probable to simplest energy some of the heat boosting. Electric boosting is powerful however no longer continually the most green, due to the fact the booster will begin up each time the tank water begins getting too bloodless, regardless of whether you really need hot water on the time.

Gas-boosted structures can run from herbal (reticulated) gasoline, or from LPG bottles. LPG is more generally extra pricey to run, but is a good alternative in case you already have LPG bottles installed. The gasoline booster is usually a non-stop flow (“immediately”) gasoline water heater; if you switch on a warm water faucet in your private home, but the water coming from the storage tank is just too bloodless, the heater begins up and heats the water to the proper temperature before it reaches your faucets. This form of boosting is frequently the maximum efficient because it simplest heats the water SOLAR SYSTEM when hot water is sincerely being used.

Heat pump warm water gadget

Heat pump warm water systems

A very green electric garage tank gadget that works on the identical principle as a refrigerator or air conditioner, with the aid of extracting warmness from the air and the usage of it to warmness the water tank.Units are usually integrated (tank and compressor collectively) but also can be break up (separate tank and compressor).Need to be established in a well-ventilated vicinity, commonly exterior.The compressor on the unit can be noisy, like the outside unit of an air conditioner, so don’t install too near a neighbouring domestic.Tend to work nice in warm and temperate areas, but some models are designed to paintings well in bloodless climates too, and maximum systems have a booster detail for days of cold weather or high call for.You’ll typically need a 270–315L tank for a four-individual family. Tank sizes generally variety from 125L to 400L.

Government rebates 

State government incentives

Some state governments perform power-performance incentive schemes. To find incentives and rebates for warm water structures, see the Australian authorities website Your Energy Savings (YES) and search the rebate web page for “hot water”. Or, just touch your kingdom authorities. Some producers and suppliers also have rebate calculators on their web sites.

Federal government incentives

The foremost prematurely monetary incentive for buying a new solar or warmness pump HWS comes from federal government-regulated Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These practice in all components of Australia. Solar and heat pump systems qualify for a sure number of STCs relying on the efficiency of the device and in which you stay. 

In maximum instances, the easiest manner to use STCs is to sell them to the organization presenting your new hot water machine – they normally ‘pay’ you by way of discounting the machine you’re shopping for. You can also opt to exchange the STCs yourself, but this is a bit trickier and also you may not do any higher out of it.

Solar and heat pump warm water structures commonly qualify for someplace between 20 to 40 STCs. The marketplace price for STCs varies but is typically about $30 to $40. So for a machine eligible for 30 STCs, at a charge of $30 consistent with STC, you will get $900. Different suppliers can also quote special amounts for STCs.

System charges


Solar and heat pump hot water systems are provided with the aid of many agencies; Rheem, Solahart, Bosch, Chromagen, Apricus, Dux, Steibel Eltron and others.

While we haven’t examined solar hot water or warmness pump systems, we’ve SOLAR SYSTEM surveyed our contributors approximately their hot water structures to find out which brands they find maximum reliable. The survey includes solar and heat pump structures.


For both sun and warmth pump warm water structures, the final fee can range because it depends at the cost of the machine, set up, rebates and the fee of STCs on the time of purchase.

Solar power hot water systems variety in charge from approximately $3000 to $7000 absolutely hooked up. Systems with a roof-set up tank tend to be a chunk much less high-priced than split systems, and electric powered-boosted systems have a tendency to be less high-priced to buy than gas-boosted systems.Heat pump warm water systems variety in price from approximately $2700 to $5000 absolutely hooked up.

What approximately solar panels as properly?

If you are going for a solar or warmness pump hot water device, it’s a logical step to additionally don’t forget a sun photovoltaic (PV) panel system to help power your home. It’s some other up-the front fee of path, but for most houses in Australia, sun panel systems can pay for themselves within some years, thanks to the financial savings on your power payments.

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Installation of a sun HWS can be more complicated than for a traditional electric powered or gasoline system. It won’t manifest tomorrow, so unless you could stay with out hot showers for some time, it is probable not an excellent option for when your old HWS dies. A warmness pump HWS is easier, because it’s often situated and plumbed in much like other outside electric tank structures.

Solar warm water panels need a section of roof with right get entry to to daylight, ideally going through north for max exposure. With a thermosiphon device, the roof would possibly want reinforcing as it has to undergo the weight of the water tank. And if the roof is difficult to access, the provider may charge more for installation. 

Check along with your neighborhood council about constructing regulations. Councils possibly may not object to you installing a sun warm water system, but there may be regulations. For example, noise guidelines cowl the noise from a warmth pump warm water system. The installer must understand the applicable guidelines however it’s still well worth checking with them; you do not need to end up in a dispute together with your neighbour over a noisy warmth pump.

What approximately flats?

For condominium buildings, it might not be realistic or even feasible to put in solar warm water for man or woman devices, and most devices may not have suitable outdoor area for a warmth pump. However, the proprietors’ organization may want to recollect a commercial set up for the complete building. Villas and townhouses have more alternatives, however owners’ business enterprise approval will nevertheless be wanted, and the close proximity of homes means the capacity noise from a warmth pump becomes an essential consideration.

Getting a quote

Suppliers generally need approximately 30 minutes to evaluate your home. Retail suppliers are frequently related with just one orbrands, however maximum manufacturers have a wide variety of merchandise, so suppliers ought to be capable of quote on a range of various types and fashions. As usually, get costs from at the leastproviders.

Questions the provider ought to ask you:

How many human beings live inside the house? How a whole lot showering and hot clothes washing do you do each day, and what time of day do you do it?What sort of warm water gadget do you presently have?Is gasoline linked to the property?

Questions you ought to ask the provider:

Is set up included within the quote?How lengthy will it take from setting the order to of completion?How many STCs does the gadget qualify for? Is STC buyback blanketed, and at what fee for the STCs?Can they help you with other government rebates?Can you hold your existing warm water heater tank as a part of the brand new device? It is probably feasible to contain it as a booster for a sun warm water machine. However, doing this could suggest you can not be eligible for STCs, due to the fact they only follow to completely new installations.

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