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Our smooth-to-use high faculty GPA calculator will assist you calculate HIGH SCHOOL your GPA in just mins. Whether your purpose is to earn a scholarship, get into a prestigious university, or make sure you may graduate, when it comes to figuring out your high school GPA, we’ve were given you protected.

You can pick your current HIGH SCHOOL grade format – letter grade or percent grade to parent out your GPA. Request your trainer to provide your grade earlier than the very last report card. You can estimate the grades in case your trainer can’t verify the grades. Letter grades can range from A+ to an F on the 4.zero Scale.  Percent grades variety from a hundred% to 60%. Anything beneath fifty HIGH SCHOOL nine% or decrease is considered as F (fail).

Step 2 :Enter Your Current GPA (Optional)

Enter your contemporary GPA and general credit you have got taken, and the calculator will begin calculating your excessive faculty GPA by means of factoring for your contemporary GPA. This step is non-compulsory, and you may pick out no longer to enter any information here.

Step 3: Customize your semester call (Optional) 

You can customize the semester call to make it clean to recollect.Â

Step 4 : Add all HIGH SCHOOL courses to calculate your high college GPA

You can upload your guides on this format:

Course Name

Grade (Letter or Percent grade)

Credits (Leave it as 1 if now not recognized)

Course Type (Regular, AP, Honors etc.)

Regular instructions might be given points according to the usual scale (A = four, B = three, C = 2). For Honors, grades will be multiplied by half of a point. Grades for College / Advanced Placements / IB courses will be accelerated with the aid of a whole factor. GPA may be updated and adjusted as you enter magnificence and challenge weight, and proven underneath ‘Your GPA’ phase as both weighted GPA and unweighted GPA.

Weighted GPA – factors in path credits and course type weightings

Unweighted GPA – ignores path credit and route type weightings

Refer weighted GPA  and the way to calculate GPA sections for greater details.

Click “Add direction” button to feature more courses.

Click on “Add semester” and comply with step 2, 3 and 4 to enter your path grades. Each semester GPA will show up on the right aspect beneath ‘Your GPA’ phase.Â

High School GPA – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about classes which are taken into consideration Pass/Fail or Pass/No Pass? Are these publications protected whilst calculating a pupil’s GPA?

A: No. Pass/Fail (P/F) or Pass/No Pass (P/NP) publications are not factored within the scholar’s GPA.

Q: Do Incompletes (I) and Withdrawals (W) affect a student’s GPA?A: No. Incompletes (I) and Withdrawals (W) do now not affect a pupil’s GPA due to the fact these publications do now not receive any grade points or credit hours.

Q: How can I calculate my grades within a specific path?

A: Use our grade calculator to calculate your route grades based for your assignments inside a selected path.

Q: How do my AP and Honors guides have an effect on my normal GPA?

A: Each school sets its personal grading scale for these sorts of guides. We endorse you touch your faculty administration workplace for more data on the grading gadget for your precise college. However, in maximum instances, when taking AP (Advanced Placement) or Honors guides, grades are normally weighted. For instance, a half of point (.50) is added for Honors courses, and a whole point (1.0) is added to AP courses. In this example, an A then equals 4.50 for an Honors magnificence or 5.00 for an Advanced Placement elegance.)

Q: How do I calculate a weighted High School GPA?

A: Simply observe the stairs underneath to calculate your weighted GPA:

Step 1: Convert each letter grade to its respective factors (A=four, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=zero.)

Step 2: Add up all the grade points

Step 3: Divide the added grade points (step 2) by the wide variety of class credits taken.

Note: For Honors and AP instructions, you must deliver yourself one extra point for every semester of an Honors or AP class which you have completed HIGH SCHOOL (A=five, B=4, C=3.)

Q: Do schools want me to take AP and Honors publications? How many AP and Honors publications ought to I take?

A: The decision to take an AP or Honors path is an individual choice that depends on each pupil’s wishes. AP and Honors courses require you to bear in mind elements like your past overall performance, average path load, extracurricular commitments, and strain level. Also, students need to take into account the challenge topics approximately which they’re passionate and the topics in which they have got experienced fulfillment. Ultimately, college students ought to verify themselves cautiously and pick out out the correct schedule based totally on their HIGH SCHOOL capabilities and motivation. Teacher recommendation is quite encouraged for front into an AP path. Keep in mind that AP classes are taken into consideration university-level coursework and require top HIGH SCHOOL look at conduct and tremendous time commitments. Colleges need to peer you work difficult, be triumphant, and be well rounded. For some college students, this consists of taking AP or Honors publications, and for others it does now not.

Q: I heard 9th grade publications and grades don’t matter. Is this honestly real?

A: All courses and grades matter in excessive faculty.  All grades are part of the cumulative GPA. The nine-12 grade cumulative GPA is used by many schools and universities to assist determine if a scholar will be admitted.

Q: When evaluating grades for everyday, Honors, and AP classes, which looks higher for a scholar to have: an A in a everyday elegance or a C in an honors/AP/IB elegance?

A: There are a few things to do not forget when reflecting in this question:

Making selections on route picks and alternatives of ranges of guides requires enjoy. Therefore, college students must seek advice from their parents, teachers, and counselors. While consistency is vital, the sorts of classes you take and the grades you earn are extraordinarily essential. We encourage students to searching for out new academic reports and exposure to new ideas. Meeting with a counselor to plan path selections and talk university alternatives could be beneficial in assisting making a decision what level publications you must pursue for a particular issue.

Colleges would like to see students project themselves to as exceptional a degree as possible in high faculty. Colleges also apprehend that scholars have individual strengths and weaknesses. They apprehend that now not all college students have to take a complete direction load of Honors/AP instructions. Your high school application should reflect some attempt at Honors/AP paintings if that hobbies you and motivates you. The selective faculties are inquisitive about your Weighted GPA–the GPA that displays the Honors and advanced-stage publications you are taking. An A or B in an Honors or superior-level route suitable for the pupil’s capabilities is usually visible greater favorably than all As in less-tough courses. Students continually earning Cs in Honors/AP instructions must evaluation their software with their counselor.

Q: How many college students take Advanced Placement classes?

A: Looking on the maximum recent file from the National Center for Education Statistics, sixty nine percent of high faculties stated enrollments in AP or IB publications, with a total of approximately 3.5 million enrollments.

There is no country wide facts at the number of students taking simply AP courses (as opposed to AP and IB guides), but the variety of AP examination-takers accelerated from 1,221,016 in 2004-05 to 2,483,452 in 2014-15. According to the College Board (the agency that runs the AP trying out manner), 2.7 million students took almost five million assessments in 2017.

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