Foundation Of The Solar Machine

SOLAR SYSTEM There are many issues with the fashions and hypotheses which are used to guide the naturalistic tale of how the solar system formed. SOLAR SYSTEM SOLAR SYSTEM

Many scientific papers are written every

yr about the Oort Cloud, its houses,

its foundation, its evolution. Yet there isn’t but

a shred of direct observational proof

for its existence.

—Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, Comets (New York, New

York: Random House, 1985), p. 201.

What You Will Learn

The naturalistic story of the sun machine is going lower back four.5 billion

years. In this view the solar device started out as a cloud of dirt and

fuel that collapsed on itself. A big name started to shape as the cloud turned into

compressed by way of some unknown pressure. As the big name spun and gathered

extra mass, a disk of dust started out to form the planets. Over

hundreds of thousands of years the young sun machine became fashioned. Much particles

become left over from the system and is gift these days as asteroids and

big belts and clouds of fabric. There turned into no intervention by a

Creator, as the physical laws of the universe are good enough to provide an explanation for

the whole lot—or so say the evolutionists.

The Bible well-knownshows a miles distinctive story, and there are many

issues with the models and hypotheses which are used to assist

the story defined above. Artists’ depictions of the events make

them look real, however they’re just a story to give an explanation for why God is

now not vital. Among the problems are a slowly spinning sun, the

SOLAR SYSTEM moon’s closeness to the earth, and a “chicken-and-egg” trouble

with big name formation. The differences among what the Bible teaches

and what the evolutionary perspective teaches are many and huge.

It is impossible to reconcile the 2 factors with out

twisting Scripture or rewriting the history revealed in Genesis.

What Your Textbook Says approximately the Origin of the Solar SystemEvolutionary Concept

Prentice Hall



ArticlesThe solar gadget shaped from a collapsing, spinning nebula.

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three:1, 3:three, 3:four, three:five, three:thirteen, five:1Planets shape from colliding particles at unique distances from the sun.


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3:1, 3:2, 3:three, three:five, 3:13Earth shaped from a molten ball, and the layers formed as earth cooled.

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three:6The earth’s environment, inclusive of oxygen, and oceans shaped step by step as earth cooled.

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3:6, 3:7, 3:eight, three:nine, 3:16The moon shaped from a collision over four billion years ago and has modified little in three billion years.

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3:2, 3:10, three:11Earth’s tilt and precession cycle over tens of heaps of years.

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3:2, 4:3, five:2, five:3Asteroids are leftover debris from the formation of the solar system.


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three:1, three:13Many moons in our solar gadget may also have been captured.

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three:1, 3:11Cratering may be used to determine the age of planets and moons.

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3:four, 3:12The planets have modified length and rotational route seeing that their formation.

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3:four, 3:five, 3:14Planetary ring structures can be very young capabilities.


three:15The presence of water in the sun device might also support existence.

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3:7, three:17Comets originate in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud and orbit over hundreds or hundreds of years.



T683D, 739, T741–T743, 742–743, T745, 745, T773, 773

3:2, three:13, five:1The reality that the solar and moon appear the identical length is a twist of fate, not a end result of creation.



2:2The solar formed about five billion years in the past and will last every other 5 billion years.

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Note: Page numbers preceded by “T” imply items from the instructor notes discovered

within the margins of the Teacher’s Edition.

What We Really Know about the Origin of the Solar System

According to the secular situation, strength become progressively converted

into rely because the universe persisted to make bigger after the huge

bang. That remember accumulated and the primary atoms started out to shape.

The first tiers of the naturalistic universe contained only strength. As

the increasing universe slowed and cooled, hydrogen, helium, and

small amounts of lithium were fashioned from the energy. The gases

amassed into nebulae which then gave start to stars and planets.

As the earliest stars produced their power through nuclear fusion,

heavier SOLAR SYSTEM elements had been assembled and have been subsequently scattered into

the universe because the stars exploded. These heavier elements collected

within the universe over billions of years, and celebrity systems with

planets began to form.

Star formation and stellar evolution have in no way been located

because they may be speculated to arise over many thousands and thousands of years. Evolutionists

advise that the celebs form as gases (hydrogen and helium

inside the early universe) disintegrate due to gravity. As the nebula collapses,

the gases warmth up and the nebula spins itself into a flattened disk.

One principal problem with this state of affairs is that as the gases are heated,

the stress will increase. This strain would generally tend to cause the nebula

to extend and counteract the gravitational disintegrate.

To counter this problem, it’s miles cautioned that some sort of

“surprise” overcomes the fuel strain at just the proper time. This

surprise may additionally come from the explosion of a close-by supernova or some

other source. The problem has now emerge as a circular argument.

In order for the first stars to form, there might have had to have

been other stars attaining the supernova degree to cause the primary stars

to shape. So the argument may go for later generations of stars

however it can’t provide an explanation for how the first generation fashioned. If the primary

generation couldn’t shape, then they couldn’t have produced the

materials and pressure for later generations to form.

Setting the preceding problem aside, evolutionists would then

advise that a protostar would form and keep to benefit mass because it

attracted close by gas and debris. If the strain in the center of the

star will increase the temperature to 10 million Kelvin ranges, nuclear

fusion can begin and the megastar will become stable. The balance comes

when the inward gravitational force balances the outward gas pressure.

Depending on the dimensions and composition of the star, it follows

a multi-billion 12 months method until it consumes all of its nuclear gas.

At the end of its existence it’s going to both contract and come to be a white dwarf

or explode in a mind-blowing supernova and leave at the back of a black hole

or a neutron superstar. Our personal sun is expected to complete this cycle

within the subsequent five billion years. This obviously assumes a uniformitarian

development of time and count into the unreachable destiny.

Exactly how this process proceeded in our sun system is a

count of inferring activities inside the beyond from what we see in the present.

As mentioned in advance, there are positive assumptions that ought to be

made whilst growing historic theories. The thoughts offered inside the

textbooks are based totally on uniformitarian assumptions and have many

troubles that are not mentioned, despite the presence of phrases like

“we recognize” and “scientists have shown.”

One uniformitarian notion provided in the textbooks is the formation

of elements that make up the universe. The textbooks advise

that each one of the problem within the universe is a result of the huge bang.

Atoms large than hydrogen (apart from a few helium

and hint amounts of lithium which also shaped from the power

of the huge bang) are believed to be shaped inside the core of stars as a

end result of nuclear fusion. This system can SOLAR SYSTEM handiest give an explanation for the presence

of factors up to the mass of iron. It is usually recommended that the elements

heavier than iron formed due to supernovae exploding. These

elements were scattered into the universe and had been finally accumulated

by using forming stars and planets.

Glencoe 822

The formation of a protostar over hundreds of thousands of years from a spinning nebula has

been proposed to explain the start of recent stars. There are many issues

with this state of affairs and no explanation of how the first stars could have fashioned

consistent with the acknowledged legal guidelines of physics. The Bible explains that God made the

stars on Day Four.

The heavier factors observed on earth have been produced in

a supernova and have been accrued as the solar machine shaped. This

stands in direct opposition to the advent of the earth described

in Genesis. The Bible presents the view that God created the entire

universe, inclusive of every man or woman atom, out of not anything in six

days, no longer from the steady procedure of stellar evolution over billions

of years. The Bible teaches that the earth was fashioned on Day One

and the celebrities on Day Four through the spoken phrases of God—thethoughts are pretty contrary.

The formation of our sun system is idea to be usual of

other big name structures inside the universe. Around five billion years ago, an

interstellar cloud of dust and gases commenced to collapse on itself because the

force of gravity pulled the particles together. This scenario offers

a hassle. The pressure of gravity is pulling the debris collectively but

other forces, just like the strain exerted by the gases in a balloon,

are pushing the debris apart. Gravity is a pretty weak pressure,

and this version has extraordinary trouble in explaining how the celebs and

planets simply fashioned.

The version utilized by evolutionists to explain the formation of

star systems is called the nebular hypothesis.

Nebular Hypothesis

Belief that the sun machine fashioned from a spinning,

collapsing nebula; the solar formed on the center with the planets

forming at various distances.

The idea was first positioned forth within the 1700s and has gone through

minor revisions. Our sun gadget allegedly commenced as a nebula

that started out to spin and collapse due to gravity. As the nebula

spun faster and faster, the protostar began to form (as defined

above) and a disk of dust and gases surrounded the protostar. The

spinning nebular disk became warmer on the middle than at the edges.

Planetesimals started out to slowly shape as the dirt particles stuck to

each other.

Prentice Hall 647

The nebular hypothesis is truly a story to describe

what can also have came about within the “prehistoric” solar

gadget. There are no observations to guide the

claims that natural procedures over tens of millions of years

may want to form a solar device. The Bible offers a clear

description of the formation of the earth by the

spoken word of God.

The planetesimals that shaped in the direction of the center of the disk

contained the rocky factors like iron and silica which have excessive

melting points. The lighter factors and compounds were blown

far from the middle and commenced to accumulate in the outer planetesimals.

The outer planets are fabricated from gases and ices in addition to

a few rocky components. Over time, the planetesimals supposedly

collided with one another or caught together through gravitational

appeal. As the collisions persevered, the planets had been born. Over

time, maximum of the dust became accrued via the planets’ gravity, and the

solar gadget became solid as the orbits of the main planets have been

established. Small dirt debris and plenty of asteroids nevertheless orbit the

solar and are believed to be the leftover debris from the formation

of the sun device.

Glencoe 794

One of the largest troubles with this explanation of the solar

gadget is that the particles of dirt ought to stick collectively, known as

accretion, to shape the planetesimals. The stardust debris which might be

purported to have formed the solar device would have simply bounced

off each other. The debris in the rings of Saturn provide a model for

what could have befell in the spinning disk of the young sun

system. If the debris were shifting faster, they could nonetheless leap

off of each other or explode as they collided with exquisite force.

Again, the nebular hypothesis is a tale of what ought to have passed off

despite the fact that there may be no evidence in guide of the claims.

Another extensive hassle with the formation of the sun

system is resulting from the spin of the forming gadget. As extra of the

mass is pulled toward the solar, the mass must spin quicker according

to the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. This regulation is

without problems tested. Sit on an workplace chair together with your arms and legs

prolonged and feature a person spin you. Pull your legs and arms into

the middle and you may spin faster. This is just like what have to

have occurred to the sun in the nebular speculation.

If the nebular speculation were accurate, the sun might be spinning

a whole lot faster than it’s miles. The sun has only 2% of the angular

momentum and ninety nine% of the mass of the solar system. To provide an explanation for

away this obvious problem, evolutionists recommend a mechanism of

magnetic subject braking. The specific info of magnetic braking are

nonetheless debated, but it need to have passed off for the nebular speculation

to be commonplace.

Other remnants of the naturalistic formation of the sun

gadget are the Kuiper belt items and comets. The Kuiper belt lies

outdoor of the orbit of Neptune and is the alleged supply of shortperiod

comets. Comets that orbit the sun in extra than two hundred years

are believed to come from the Oort cloud. The Oort cloud is a

hypothetical sphere of icy masses that no one has ever seen. Despite

this reality the Holt text says on page 742:

The Oort cloud surrounds the sun machine and may

attain as far as halfway to the nearest celebrity. Scientists

think that the matter inside the Oort cloud changed into left over

from the formation of the solar gadget. Studying this

distant count helps scientists understand the early

records of the universe. Bodies in the Oort cloud

circle the sun so slowly that they take a few million

years to complete one orbit.

Despite by no means seeing the Oort cloud, we’re instructed by means of the text

that it surrounds the solar system, it has a huge size, was left over

from the formation of the sun device, and its bodies take tens of millions

of years to orbit. All of these are “information” which have been made up

to healthy the information that are really discovered. So why is it vital for

evolutionists to invent the Oort cloud?

As comets orbit the solar the sun wind blasts off elements of the

comet. Such particles is seen because the tails of the comet. Each time a

comet orbits the solar it loses approximately 1% of its mass. Halley’s Comet

orbits the earth every 76 years, so it is continuously losing mass. If

Halley’s Comet is left over from the beginning of the solar machine

four.5 billion years ago, all of its mass would were misplaced billions

of years ago. This isn’t a trouble for a universe that is 6,000

years antique, because the Bible describes. In order to give an explanation for the presence

of comets in an vintage universe, evolutionists recommend that comets are

continuously knocked out of the Kuiper belt or the Oort cloud.

The logic is as follows:

If comets are remnants of the formation of the solar

machine, they lose their mass in some hundred orbits,

and the sun machine is four.5 billion years antique, then new

comets must be delivered to the solar system or we might

now not see comets today.

Holt 742

The Oort cloud turned into

invented through evolutionists

to give an explanation for the lifestyles of

comets which must now not

be present in a sun machine

that is four.five billion years old.

The comets healthy without difficulty inside

the biblical time-frame of

6,000 years.

The trouble is that this is an evidence based totally on zero observations

and the belief that the solar system is 4.5 billion years

vintage. This isn’t always a valid scientific model although it is frequent by using

most scientists as “the way it ought to be.” Comets confirm a younger

universe, no longer an imaginary cloud in the sky.

The age and formation of the earth want to be addressed in

a special manner due to the fact earth is the planet that we stay on. In the

nebular hypothesis the earth shaped as a molten mass within the early

sun system. The warmness changed into generated by way of many collisions with different

bodies orbiting the forming sun. As the earth cooled, the substances

separated into layers based totally on their density—the less dense materials

close to the floor and the extra dense substances within the center.

Once once more, that is in direct opposition to what the Bible teaches.

Genesis 1:2–6 makes it clear that the earth changed into created as a ball

blanketed with water. In the naturalistic state of affairs, the oceans come

a lot later, simplest after the earth has cooled over thousands and thousands of years.

The textbooks give an explanation for that as the earth persisted to cool, the

ecosystem was fashioned and volcanoes released fuel into the younger

atmosphere. The young ecosystem was supposedly composed of

nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, methane, and ammonia.

The apparent missing element is oxygen. Many evolutionists

trust that oxygen was no longer a part of the environment till loads

of hundreds of thousands of years later whilst bacteria developed the ability to

photosynthesize. Through photosynthesis, oxygen started to slowly

acquire inside the ecosystem.

Holt 688

Evolutionists create a story approximately the earth cooling from a molten mass

approximately four.five billion years ago. The pictures and testimonies are definitely the products of

imaginations that try to give an explanation for the existence of the earth without God. The

Bible teaches a totally specific story and well-knownshows an eyewitness account of the

formation of the earth.

Another result of the volcanic gasoline become the gathering of water

vapor inside the environment. As the younger environment cooled, it

launched its water inside the form of rain. As the rain fell on the hardening

floor, the basins packed with water and the primary seas had been born.

These seas then became the nursery for the first living organisms.

The tale above is defined inside the Prentice Hall text. On web page 364

we study, “. . . Precambrian records is written in scattered, speculative

episodes, like a protracted ebook with many missing pages.” Then on

pages 366–367 we read, “. . . Earth slowly cooled and the molten

surface solidified into a crust. . . . the water vapor condensed to

shape clouds, and super rains started out. . . . Torrential rains continued

and slowly filled low regions, forming the oceans. . . . The first life

forms on the planet did not need oxygen.”

So, is this one of the pages recorded in amazing detail or one very

precise speculation? The description given is primarily based on the assumption

that the nebular hypothesis is proper and that existence surely advanced

from nonliving chemical compounds. If the nebular speculation fails then all

of the following motives fail. This chain of assumptions is

present during the naturalistic factors for the lifestyles

of the universe.

Holt 689

Based on the idea that the

nebular speculation is accurate, the cooling

molten earth launched its gases into the

ecosystem. Volcanoes and gas wallet

are believed to have fashioned the early

environment that changed over millions

of years. The Bible information a distinctive

records with the earth’s atmosphere

created on Day Two.

The lack of oxygen in

the surroundings is considered

genuine based totally at the

assumption that life had

now not advanced to supply oxygen—a circular argument.

The presence of oxygen is

also a chief hassle for the

chemical evolution of lifestyles

from chemical compounds. Naturalistic

scenarios for the starting place

of lifestyles on this planet cannot

receive oxygen on the early

earth. Oxygen could have

made it not possible for the

organic molecules of existence

to shape spontaneously—existence could not have developed

from nonliving chemical compounds

inside the presence of oxygen.

The textbooks declare that

the rocks from the earliest

intervals of the earth do now not

incorporate evidence of oxygen

inside the surroundings. To the

opposite, there is no proof

inside the sedimentary rocks that an oxygen-unfastened ecosystem

has existed at any time at some stage in the span of geological history. (See

article three:8 for greater details.)

To upload to the troubles, the ozone layer have to have formed

from atmospheric oxygen before the primary organisms should have

evolved to supply the oxygen that shaped the ozone layer. These

varieties of contradictions abound in the naturalistic reasons of

life evolving on this planet.

The final trouble to cope with at once is the moon. The textbooks

present a story of the collision of a Mars-sized object with the earth

as the excellent clarification. The concept that the moon shaped on the

identical time as the earth or that the moon was captured by way of the earth

are referred to as possibilities. The collision hypothesis is shown

in specified photographs that designate the method. The debris that become

ejected from the impact finally shaped the brand new moon because it gathered


The rocks that have been collected from the moon from the Apollo

missions are dated at four.five billion years the use of secular assumptions.

This makes the moon just as antique because the earth within the evolutionary

tale. The Bible offers comparable ages for the earth and the moon

as well. Both have been created about 6,000 years ago and simplest three

days apart. In Genesis 1:sixteen the “lesser mild” is created to rule the

night and supply mild on the planet. We can believe God’s eyewitness

account of how He did things over guy’s conjectures about the

unseen beyond.

Claiming that the moon is 4.5 billion years old creates a chief

trouble inside the uniformitarian explanations. This is due to the fact the

moon is slowly spiraling far from the earth at a present day price of 1.5

inches consistent with 12 months. That method that the moon changed into in the direction of the earth

in the beyond. 6,000 years ago the moon would had been about 800

toes closer. Using the acknowledged price of recession we can use calculus

to decide the recession charge within the alleged distant beyond when the

moon was a good deal in the direction of the earth. This is vital because whilst

the moon is nearer, the tidal bulges (and consequently the recession

price) are lots large. When we do the maths properly, we calculate

that the moon could had been touching the earth 1.5 billion years

in the past and could have been pulled aside earlier than that by means of earth’s gravity.

This is simply every other affirmation that the earth and moon can not

probable be 4.5 billion years vintage.

As we noticed with the discussion of the huge bang, there are numerous

problems with the naturalistic reasons of the formation of our

solar device. Many different troubles are mentioned within the articles that

comply with and the Tools for Digging Deeper. Because the naturalistic

ideas aren’t primarily based on the foundation of God’s ideal Word, they

fall short. Below is a desk that summarizes the most important differences

mentioned above. It is, at great, inconsistent to accept as true with within the Bible

as the stimulated, infallible, enough Word of God and take delivery of that

the large bang and the nebular speculation are actual. Because the 2

perspectives contradict each other on many points, they cannot each be

accurate without twisting, reordering, or compromising one or the

other. Will you believe God’s Word or man’s reasoning whilst it comes

to the formation of the solar machine?

Table 3-1: Different Views at the Origin of the Solar System

Biblical View

Evolutionary View6,000 years antique

four.5 billion years oldEyewitness account from the Creator

Theories based at the denial of a CreatorEarth created earlier than the sun

Sun shaped earlier than the earthEarth created before the celebs

Stars fashioned earlier than the earthEarth created earlier than the moon

Moon formed along with the earthEarth commenced protected by using water

Earth started as a molten ballSeas have been created on Day Three

Seas shaped after thousands and thousands of years because the earth cooledThe surroundings turned into created on Day Two

The ecosystem evolved over billions of yearsThe earth changed into created by God to be inhabited (Isaiah forty five:18)

Life on the planet is a cosmic coincidence of the laws of natureReference Article Summaries

three:1 Pierre Simon Laplace: the nebular hypothesis

Parsons and Mackay,

Pierre Laplace changed into a notable scientist during the 1700s

who worked in mathematics, chemistry, and astronomy.

Laplace was also involved in standardizing dimension

systems. Laplace recognized tremendous order in the sun machine

and counseled that it should exist indefinitely if the solar did

not alternate. His notions were meant to refute Newton’s

notion in a Divine Force preserving all things together.

Laplace hypothesized that the sun device become the

result of a spinning cloud of dust that spun off rings of

fuel which condensed to shape the planets. The final

gas became the solar. A changed version of this principle is

currently promoted through many evolutionists, however there are

many problems with this model. Laplace assumed that there

turned into a spinning cloud that gotten smaller, however the recognised laws

of physics can not provide an explanation for how the sort of cloud could agreement

because the pressure from gas strain a long way exceeds gravity under

everyday conditions. Other issues encompass the other

rotation of Venus, Pluto, and Uranus, and the slow rotation

of the sun compared to the rest of the angular momentum

inside the solar system.

Ultimately, Laplace’s model is based on naturalistic

assumptions that can not explain the formation of the sun

device—a system that is the result of design by way of God.

three:2 The heavens claim . . . a younger sun machine


Psalm 19 tells us that the heavens declare the distinction of

God. But what do the heavens declare approximately the age of the

universe? Recent observations confirm that the universe is

only some thousand years vintage, because the Bible says.

A comet is a small, icy mass that orbits the solar and

continually loses mass. The misplaced mass is seen as the 2 tails

of a comet are blown off via the solar wind and the stress

of photons. Comets also are located to break aside as they

orbit near the solar and different planets. Since comets are constantly

being eroded and destroyed, the solar machine need to

comprise no comets if it’s far truely four.five billion years old.

To fight this venture, uniformitarian astronomers

have imagined an Oort cloud this is 50,000 times farther

from the earth than the sun. The Oort cloud is supposed to

provide the solar device with lengthy-duration comets, although

there isn’t always a single shred of evidence for its existence.

Short-period comets are imagined to come from the Kuiper

belt, however the items in this disk are distinct from comets

and can’t accurately give an explanation for the existence of so many

comets in our solar gadget.

Evolutionists might suggest that the moon has been

lifeless for the remaining three billion years. However, common observations

of colour changes and luminous spots may additionally imply

current geologic interest. Since the moon is best lots

of years antique, this pastime isn’t always unexpected.

Both Jupiter and Neptune supply off about two times as much

strength as they get hold of from the sun. If those planets had been

four.five billion years vintage, they would have cooled appreciably

or they have to have an inner strength source that could maintain

them hot for billions of years. Secular fashions propose that

the cores of these planets are undergoing nuclear fusion,

however there are many troubles with those models. The power

contained in these planets, and the opposite younger-age indicators,

confirm their younger age and the biblical account of

their creation.

three:three First mild from extrasolar planets


The existence of planets around remote stars has been

supported via the wobble produced as the planet orbits the

megastar and the decrease in mild from the celebrity as the planet crosses

in front of the superstar. Recently, astronomers were capable of

measure the infrared energy from two of those planets, providing

the first direct commentary of extrasolar planets.

The extrasolar planets found to date do not suit the

nebular hypothesis of planet formation. The planets positioned

close to the celebs are alleged to be small, rocky planets

in line with the evolutionary version. The planets which have

been determined are very huge and orbit too close to the celebs to fit

the secular expectations. These stellar structures usually

remind us of the diversity and creativity that the Lord displayed

on Day Four.

3:four Uranus: the odd planet


Uranus is a planet approximately sixty four instances the quantity of the

earth that orbits the solar at 19 times the gap. Uranus

was observed in 1781 however little changed into regarded about it

until the Voyager 2 probe surpassed through it in 1986. At that

time it changed into decided that the axis became tilted at 98

ranges to the ecliptic aircraft of the opposite planets’ orbits.

The tilt of the axis cannot be defined if Uranus fashioned

from the spinning nebula that became the supposed starting place

of our solar system.

To explain the tilted axis, evolutionary astronomers

claim that an earth-sized item must have struck Uranus

to tilt it. This seems not likely because Uranus has a totally

circular orbit this is very close to the ecliptic aircraft—an impact

would possibly perturb the orbit. The small size of the moon

and ring system, which might be believed by evolutionists to be

the stays of the impact, can’t account for the mass of

the item that might cause the axis to tilt.

Invoking a disaster to explain the unnatural features

of Uranus is a chunk hypocritical as evolutionists frequently

criticize biblical creationists for using the Flood to explain

earth’s functions.

Uranus additionally radiates little warmth into area, in contrast to

comparable-sized Neptune. If the 2 planets fashioned from

the identical system, we’d anticipate them to have similar

houses. Another discovery of the Voyager 2 probe is

that the magnetic subject axis is tilted 60 stages from the

rotational axis and is an awful lot stronger than predicted. These

characteristics can’t be explained with the aid of current evolutionary

fashions, although Dr. Russell Humphreys used biblical

assumptions to are expecting the field power two years earlier than

it became recognized.

The many troubles with the naturalistic clarification

which can be without difficulty defined inside the biblical framework

make the creation of Uranus apparent.

3:5 Neptune: monument to advent


Neptune is a massive gaseous planet that orbits the solar

approximately 30 instances farther than the earth. Little become recognised

approximately Neptune until the Voyager 2 probe. Scientists did now not

find a chilly, dead planet as they predicted, however a planet with

raging winds that offers off significant warmness. Another find

of the probe became the tilted magnetic field with a energy

that were anticipated by means of Dr. Russell Humphreys the use of

biblical assumptions.

The Bible well-knownshows that Neptune turned into created on Day 4,

but evolutionists have no way of explaining the lifestyles of

Neptune and Uranus. According to the evolutionary nebular

speculation, the planets are presupposed to have shaped

from the disk of dirt and fuel that surrounded the forming

sun about 4.5 billion years ago. As the dirt cloud spun, the

debris allegedly caught to each other. As large debris

collided, planetesimals fashioned. The planetesimals continued

to collide and ultimately attracted gases to form the

outer planets. But is this scenario viable?

Computer fashions of the nebular speculation have failed

to reveal how such huge planets can shape to this point from the

sun. The time required is at least 10 billion years—double

the meant age of the sun gadget. This trouble has

been regarded for 30 years, but it remains brushed

apart inside the media and textbooks due to the fact scientists “know”

the sun device fashioned by itself. Despite the dearth of a great

rationalization, they hang to fashions that reject the

Creator and the evidence of His creation.

3:6 Evolution vs. creation: the order of events subjects!


Many Christians believe that if we recall the times

of creation in Genesis 1 as lengthy a while we are able to harmonize

the Bible with the huge bang and the geological history

promoted via scientists. This view is frequently called the “day-age”

view and has many biblical troubles. First, the text

is intended to communicate that Creation befell in six,

24-hour days. Second, this view calls for hundreds of thousands of years

of demise and disease—effects of the Curse after the

Fall of mankind—earlier than human beings have been on earth.

The antique-earth view of the advent of the universe also

assumes that technological know-how has confirmed the authentic age of the earth

and universe. In truth, technology has only interpreted the evidence

from radiometric courting, distant starlight, and the

formation of rock layers.

Of maximum importance is what’s found out in the text of

Scripture approximately the order of occasions. Genesis 1 contradicts

the evolutionary records of the universe and existence in it at

nearly every step. [See tables on web page fifty two and 77.] The Bible

teaches that the earth became covered with water on Day One

and on the time of the Flood at the same time as the evolutionary history

denies that the earth become ever protected with water.

Because of the numerous contradictions, there is no way to

harmonize the Bible with guy’s thoughts about the evolution

of the universe. We ought to agree with the Word of God to expose

the reality approximately the activities of Creation and earth’s records.

three:7 The starting place of lifestyles: a critique of modern clinical fashions

Swee–Eng, The Origin of Life: A Critique of Current Scientific Models

This article affords an exhaustive dialogue of the

subjects surrounding the starting place of life. The discussion levels

from the presence of oxygen within the early surroundings

(no matter the reality that it prohibits the formation of organic

molecules) to the formation of DNA molecules and the

complexity of the genetic code. Numerous evolutionary

papers from clinical journals are used as proof to support

the idea that existence could not have fashioned on earth via

natural causes.

three:eight Did the early earth have a decreasing environment?


Evolutionists anticipate that the early earth lacked oxygen

due to the fact existence couldn’t evolve in an surroundings containing

oxygen. If this have been true, the rocks older than 1.nine billion

years have to contain no proof of being formed in an

surroundings with oxygen. Iron deposits from these rock

layers suggest an surroundings with oxygen. The lack of

sulfide deposits and the presence of sulfates and different oxygen-bearing compounds also factor to an oxidizing surroundings.

These and different evidences point to an surroundings

that contained oxygen from its beginning.

three:nine Origin of the oceans


Secular scientists have cautioned that the oceans

formed as rain slowly accrued in basins after the molten

earth cooled. The idea that this water became amassed from

comets to fill the primary oceans has been discredited through statistics

from the Hale-Bopp comet. The comet was composed of

deuterium-wealthy water. However, earth’s oceans comprise very

little deuterium. The Bible explains that earth’s oceans had been

created via God.

3:10 Lunar recession: does it aid a younger universe?


Due to tidal forces, the moon is really shifting away

from the earth at a cutting-edge fee of 1-and-a-1/2 inches

according to yr, however that rate adjustments as the space adjustments.

Calculating the space between the earth and moon over

time suggests that the moon could were touching the

earth simplest 1.5 billion years in the past—a massive trouble if the earth-moon

system is four.5 billion years vintage.

Even earlier than that point, the moon could have been within

the Roche Limit of earth’s gravity and would had been pulled

apart with the aid of earth’s gravity. If the moon is best 6,000 years antique,

because the Bible teaches, there’s no problem to overcome because the

moon would were an insignificant 800 toes closer.

three:eleven Have scientists observed the moon’s foundation?


Evolutionary scientists have devised 4 predominant theories

to explain the origin of the moon. The fission theory

says that the moon cut up off from the spinning earth, however

this is not likely due to the fact the earth is spinning too slowly. The

capture idea suggests that the moon turned into captured as it

handed close to the earth. However, it’s miles more likely that this

would throw the moon off into area and does now not explain

in which the moon got here from.

Another idea shows that the earth and moon fashioned

next to each other, but there is no cause of how the

debris came together in the first region. The final principle

requires a collision among the earth and some other object.

The debris resulting from the impact formed the moon, however there

are many troubles to conquer with this version as SOLAR SYSTEM properly.

Despite guy having traveled to the moon, there is nonetheless

no exceptional explanation of its origin from the evolutionary

attitude. Scripture, but, genuinely teaches that the

moon changed into created abruptly by God.

three:12 Extraterrestrial bombardment of the inner sun system: a review with questions and comments based on new data


As extra records is gathered about effect occasions

within the inner sun machine, uniformitarian scientists agree with

that there has been massive bombardment round three.9 billion

years ago. The supply of the material for the bombardment

isn’t clear but may additionally had been from the Kuiper belt or

Oort cloud, but no longer possibly from the asteroid belt.

From the creationist attitude, there’s debate over

how and when the bombardment commenced and what the

source was. The bombardment may additionally have been involved

with the Flood, as many advent scientists have advised.

Comparing the cratering activities on the moon and earth

can help establish while the event happened. There are several

creationist models to take into account, and they can be tested

towards the bodily proof and biblical framework.

Despite the issues inside the uniformitarian fashions, the

asteroid belt can be the supply of the substances, and the

occasion took place inside the ultimate numerous thousand years as an alternative

than 3.9 billion years ago.

3:13 Comets and the age of the solar system


Comets are generally used to argue that the solar

device need to be younger. The basic argument is that comets

lose fabric on every occasion they orbit the solar, and there may be

a most of eleven million years for the orbit of a comet.

Since comets are assumed to have shaped from collapsing

dust in the evolutionary fashions, the comets set a most

age that is tons more youthful than 4.5 billion years.

Comets are huge chunks of ice and dirt which are heated

as they pass near the sun. The sun’s radiation causes the coma

to glow as debris are knocked off creating the two tails,

which constantly point away shape the sun. The instantly ion tail

is created as gases are ionized by way of the solar wind. The curved

tail is a path of dirt driven outward with the aid of the solar radiation.

Comets have eccentric orbits and come in two types.

Short-duration comets have an orbital duration of less than

200 years and generally orbit with the planets (prograde).

Long-duration comets have longer orbital durations and approximately

1/2 have a retrograde orbit that is contrary to the planets.

Comets also can be misplaced by means of colliding with planets, as comet

Shoemaker-Levi nine did with Jupiter, or by way of being thrown out

of the sun machine by passing near a planet. If comets have been

a part of the original solar machine of 4.five billion years ago,

there must be none left inside the sun gadget.

To remedy this problem, evolutionists look to the Oort

cloud and the Kuiper belt as the supply for new comets. The

Oort cloud is a hypothetical shell of comet nuclei that surrounds

the sun gadget. It is supposed that the nuclei are

sometimes perturbed and fall into the inner sun device to

become lengthy-period comets. The Kuiper belt is a doughnut-fashioned

location, past the orbit of Neptune. There had been

many items recognized on this location, and it’s far cautioned that

these objects are the source of short-duration comets. However,

the objects observed in this vicinity are a whole lot larger

than comet nuclei. This demanding situations the assumption that the

Kuiper belt is a supply of latest, quick-length comets.

three:14 The sun system—new discoveries produce new mysteries


If the sun gadget truely shaped from a spinning nebula,

we have to see a excessive diploma of similarity in the objects in the

sun system. The solar consists of ninety nine% of the mass of the sun

machine but handiest 2% of its angular momentum. There must

be a mechanism for moving this momentum, but none

has been fastidiously validated by way of evolutionary scientists.

The axis of Uranus is tilted to ninety eight° relative to its orbit round

the solar. Many of its moons also orbit at its equator within the

route of rotation. These moves are the alternative that

might be anticipated within the evolutionary version.

Phoebe, a moon of Saturn, and Triton, a moon of Neptune,

orbit in a retrograde direction as do several of the

moons of Jupiter. A group of 3 moons orbits Jupiter at

an perspective of 30° from its equator—all opposite to evolutionary


The crust formations and magnetic discipline of Mercury

gift issues for the evolutionary concept. Mercury is

too small to generate a magnetic area inside the way the earth

is supposed to, so the model for earth’s magnetic field is

no longer vital to provide an explanation for earth’s magnetic discipline. The facts are

greater constant with a latest creation.

The moon Titan has a nitrogen-wealthy surroundings which

includes hydrogen. This hydrogen couldn’t be present

for billions of years on a small satellite tv for pc, so the gasoline need to

be constantly generated from in the moon through an

unknown technique. And how one of these small satellite tv for pc shaped

to hold methane, ammonia, and water isn’t always understood.

Ultimately the composition of our solar gadget points to

the design of a Creator.

3:15 Saturn’s earrings brief-lived and young


The earrings of Saturn have frequently been utilized by creationists

to aid a younger age of the sun gadget. The rings

are too sensitive to have existed for billions of years. Observations

from 1695 to the prevailing have showed that the

jewelry are shrinking. Recent records from the Hubble Space

Telescope has brought about evolutionists to suggest that the

rings may be as younger as 30 million years old.

To create the younger jewelry, it’s miles advised that a small

moon or passing comet became destroyed—a really

unlikely event. Despite the evolutionary interpretation of

the extraordinarily young earrings, the rings are a lovely a part of

God’s advent.

three:sixteen The young faint sun paradox and the age of the solar system


Many traits combine to make existence on this planet

viable at the same time as the situations on different planets make lifestyles

impossible. Mars has an extremely bloodless floor with no

liquid water acknowledged at the surface. Water is thought to

have as soon as flowed on Mars’s floor, however it’s far hard to explain

how this can have happened on such a cold planet.

Since the solar is powered by the fusion of hydrogen, it

may want to burn for about ten billion years—approximately half of that

time having already passed inside the evolutionary view. As the

composition of the core modifications, so does the intensity of

the light. The sun should be 40% brighter these days than it turned into

four.5 billion years in the past. This could impact the temperature of

the planets. Evolutionists ought to give an explanation for how lifestyles developed on a

planet that would likely be frozen—an apparent paradox.

Changing atmospheric composition with a complex

remarks system is generally used to give an explanation for how the anomaly

is prevented. As new forms of existence advanced, the earth’s

environment evolved in conjunction with it. The unique tuning of

this method could have been nothing quick of dazzling

and has been referred to as the Goldilocks syndrome.

Evolutionists have two ways to provide an explanation for this. They can

receive that it came about as a threat incidence as the sun,

environment, earth, and living matters all advanced together,

or they can be given a few form of guiding force that executed

the task.

The third opportunity is that the sun and earth are best

thousands of years vintage and that there’s no need to give an explanation for

the ambiguity in any respect. If the earth and solar were lately created

for life, there would be no conflict. The younger faint solar

paradox seems to rule out the idea that the solar gadget is

billions of years vintage.

3:17 Proof of life evolving within the universe?


Many reports of water vapor and carbon compounds

found near remote stars have led to claims that life ought to

have developed somewhere else within the universe. Evolutionists

assume that there are planets similar to earth where existence may additionally

have advanced, but they still cannot explain how lifestyles advanced

on this planet. The presence of conditions much like earth does

not prove that life has developed some other place. The answer to

the question of the foundation of existence is located in Genesis—the

Creator made life on the planet.

Questions to ConsiderIf there may be no evidence to guide the existence of the Oort

cloud, then how can or not it’s taken into consideration a systematic hypothesis/theory?

How do scientists explain how a nebula collapses on itself when

the laws of physics show that the heat and strain might purpose

it to expand?

How do scientists explain the gradual rotation of the solar with

appreciate to the relaxation of the solar device?

What are the problems with the formation of the moon from

an evolutionary perspective?

How can the retrograde rotation of planets and orbits of moons

be explained in a naturalistic way?

Have the discoveries of extrasolar planetary systems showed

the nebular hypothesis predictions?Tools for Digging Deeper

Exploring Planet Earth by John Hudson Tiner

The New Answers Book by way of Ken Ham et al.

The New Answers Book 2 with the aid of Ken Ham et al.

Our Created Moon by using Don DeYoung

Taking Back Astronomy through Jason Lisle

Universe by using Design via Danny Faulkner

Master Books has graciously granted AiG permission to post decided on chapters of this e book on-line. To purchase a duplicate please visit our on line keep.

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