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excessive school

Forty-two in keeping with cent (64/153) have been white, 37 % (fifty HIGH SCHOOL seven/153) had much less than a high school education.

The suggest age of members became sixty four HIGH SCHOOL years, 88% have been married, sixty six% had junior high school or decrease training.

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These are fashioned over the complete population, no longer just the subpopulation who move to school.

Some worry they may in no way make it out of excessive college.

Only five% had no longer HIGH SCHOOL graduated from excessive school.

There are cases on document of humans leaving excessive faculty with a diploma who had been however unable to write a letter.

Overall, HIGH SCHOOL approximately 23% of the sample dropped out of excessive faculty.

The sample turned into in the main middle class: 66% of the contributors’ dad and mom were excessive college graduates, with 53% of the parents completing university as nicely.

The results can also generalize to network excessive college scholar samples but no longer always to medical samples.

The impact of excessive school substance use on choice of younger person dwelling surroundings and profession direction.

During his high college years he constructed a telescope as a science truthful undertaking, and maintained an hobby in astronomy throughout his life.

When confronted, many could say that their high college instructors had allowed the practice.

As can be visible, nearly all contributors of the sample had been in high faculty at age 17, and faculty attendance dropped off thereafter.

High college college students who use crack and HIGH SCHOOL different tablets.

Approximately 60 % of them had now not graduated from excessive faculty.

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Translations of high school

in Chinese (Traditional)

(美國9至12歲或14至18歲學生就讀的)中學,高中, (英國和澳大利亞有時用來指11至18歲學生就讀的)中學(用於學校名稱中)…

in Chinese (Simplified)

(美国9至12岁或14至18岁学生就读的)中学,高中, (英国和澳大利亚有时用来指11至18岁学生就读的)中学(用于学校名称中)…

in Spanish

instituto de secundaria, instituto [masculine]…

in Portuguese

escola secundária…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

lycée [masculine], lycée…

videregående skole [masculine], videregående skole…

scuola secondaria superiore in USA, scuola secondaria, istituto superiore…

четыре старших класса средней школы в США…

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