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SOLAR SYSTEM the sun collectively with all the planets SOLAR SYSTEM and different bodies that revolve SOLAR SYSTEM around it.

a comparable system with celestial our bodies revolving around a celeb apart from the solar.



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Origin SOLAR SYSTEM of solar device

First recorded in 1695–1705

Words close by sun device

sun radiation, solar radius, sun sail, sun ship, sun nevertheless, sun gadget, solar time, solar urticaria, sun wind, sun year, solate SOLAR SYSTEM Unabridged

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How to use sun system in a sentence

New research of the make-up of worlds orbiting two distinct stars show a extensive variety of planetary possibilities, all of them one-of-a-kind from our solar system.

Our sun machine formed in a blending bowl of chemical factors that had been building up since the Big Bang.

The largest questions in area science—how the sun system formed, how it brought about existence on Earth, and whether there’s ever been SOLAR SYSTEM lifestyles on different close by worlds—can absolutely handiest be replied with direct have a look at of the materials from the ones worlds.

“It is a totally interesting finding and, if showed, suggests that Mars could input the pantheon of currently volcanically energetic worlds inside our solar machine,” stated Christopher Hamilton, a planetary scientist on the University of Arizona.

Most solar structures placed their dense, rocky planets—your Mercuries, your Venuses—up near their stars.

There were no deaths on scheduled commercial aviation flights in 2014, in a gadget that operates 68,000 flights a day.

She fills her characters up—sturdy ladies beating lower back towards a sexist system—with a lot coronary heart.

A hundred extremely-wealthy liberal and conservative donors have taken over the political gadget.

“Stay in formation,” a sergeant from the ceremonial unit stated over a public address device to the police officers along the street.

Both parties are actually identical possibility offenders in relation to gaming the gadget.

Sweden excluded British items, conformably to the continental system set up by way of Bonaparte.

As Spain, however, has fallen from the excessive place she as soon as held, her colonial device has also gone down.

The reformers of the sooner period have been no longer indifferent to the need for centralized agency inside the banking device.

Accordingly, the query “How some distance does the note trouble underneath the brand new system appear probably to prove an elastic one?”

Thanks to Berthier’s admirable device, Bonaparte turned into stored in touch with every part of his command.

British Dictionary definitions for sun gadget


the gadget containing the sun and the our bodies held in its gravitational area, such as the planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), the dwarf planets (Eris, Pluto, and Ceres), the asteroids, and comets

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Scientific definitions for solar device

Often Solar System. The Sun collectively with the eight planets, their moons, and all different our bodies that orbit it, such as dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, meteoroids, and Kuiper belt gadgets. The outer limit of the sun machine is shaped by the heliopause. See greater atnebular speculation.

A comparable device surrounding every other famous person.Over two dozen stars are recognized to have planets in orbit around them, though none is known to have as vast or numerous a set of orbiting our bodies as the Sun’s gadget.

A Closer LookThe solar system includes a lot extra than just the Sun and planets. It carries billions of other items and extends a long way past the outermost planets. Several hundred thousand asteroids revolve around the Sun in orbits specifically among Mars and Jupiter. Countless smaller meteoroids, which include cometary debris and fragments from the collision of large bodies, also are present, a number of which method Earth’s orbit closely sufficient to be referred to as near Earth items. In addition, as many as 1000000000 items, most the dimensions of a speck of dirt, go via our surroundings as meteors or micrometeoroids every day, though the big majority are invisible to observers on the floor. Astronomers have recorded greater than 800 comets passing through the internal a part of the solar machine. Billions greater lie inside the location surrounding the solar device, in the disk of particles called the Kuiper belt and within the swarm of comets called the Oort cloud. All of these objects orbit the Sun at high speeds. Some orbits, like those of the planets close to the Sun, are almost round. Other orbits, like the ones of comets that make their way in a few of the planets, are stretched out into long ellipses. As in maximum medical fields, new discoveries are constantly changing our understanding and definitions. The items within the Kuiper belt, as an instance, had been discovered within the 1990s. When the brand new planetarium on the American Museum of Natural History opened in 2000, many site visitors have been taken aback to find that Pluto, lengthy called the ninth planet, were demoted. In 2006 the International Astronomical Union categorised Pluto as a dwarf planet.

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Cultural definitions for solar device

The location of the universe near the solar that consists of the sun, the nine regarded fundamental planets and their moons or satellites, and objects consisting of asteroids and comets that journey in unbiased orbits. The foremost planets, in order in their average distance from the solar, are Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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