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of or regarding SOLAR the solar: sun phenomena.

decided by means of the solar: sun hour.

intending from the SOLAR solar, as mild or heat.

utilizing, operated by means of, or relying on sun power: a sun building; a sun stove.

indicating time by or close to the sun: a sun chronometer.

production or providing solar power: the solar enterprise.

Astrology. problem to the impact of the sun.




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Origin of solar


1400–50; past due Middle English

Words nearby solar

Solana, solanaceous, solander, solanine, solanum, solar, solar hobby, sun apex, sun battery, sun cellular, solar cells

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[ sol-er, SOLAR soh-ler]

/ ˈsɒl ər, ˈsoʊ lər/


a personal or upper chamber in a medieval English residence.

Origin of sun


earlier than 900; Middle English solar, soler Unabridged

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How to apply sun in a sentence

Solar Impulse changed into an experimental aircraft, weighing as low as a circle of relatives automobile and using 17,248 sun cells.

At the start, inside the Nineties, we had little or no concept what objects in the sun device are generating all this dirt.

And, simply ultimate month, the corporation announced plans to run one such excessive-megawatt cable that would funnel wind and solar energy from Upstate New York to the city.

The sun-powered chopper is designed to take-off, hover no a number dozen feet above the floor, maneuver via Mars’ skinny air, and land on flat terrain.

In 2007, wind made up less than one percentage of energy capability, and even less for solar, even as coal contributed 1/2.

The carrier module additionally deploys 4 arrays of sun panels.

Increasingly, as these industries broaden, on-website solar and wind is a way of guaranteeing a lower charge for power.

And so there was a increase in setting sun fields on pinnacle of landfills.

In essence, they located a group of solar panels inside the form of a suspension bridge on pinnacle of the lift.

At the give up of October, the primary landfill sun subject in New York State turned into completed.

There isn’t any reason to suppose that his is the simplest Solar System: there can be many tens of millions of sun systems.

For aught we recognize, there can be thousands and thousands of systems, each containing hundreds of thousands of solar systems.

Reckoning that Neptune is the outermost planet of the sun system, that machine could have a diameter of five,584 thousands and thousands of miles.

It would require some hours before he attained to the outer restriction of the sun machine.

We shall consequently now turn to an outline of the part of the starry world that’s found in the limits of our solar system.

British Dictionary definitions for solar


of or regarding the sunsolar eclipse

operating by means of or making use of the energy of the sunsolar mobile

astronomy determined from the movement of the earth relative to the sunsolar 12 months

astrology situation to the impact of the solar

Word Origin for sun

C15: from Latin sōlāris, from sōl the sun

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Scientific definitions for sun

Relating to the Sun.

Using or operated by means of power from the Sun.

Measured in connection with the Sun.

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