Constructing The Closing Solar Gadget

A even as lower back I done SOLAR SYSTEM an test known as build a higher Solar System.  The sport turned into to make better use of the Solar System’s liveable actual estate.  In the sport I become required to keep all the Solar System’s planets (SOLAR SYSTEM and big moons) and their orbital configurations.  Just by way of switching the orbits of various planets and moons I constructed a Solar System with seven probably liveable worlds!  Here is what it gave the look of:

A re-imagined Solar System with seven potentially existence-bearing planets! The liquid water liveable SOLAR SYSTEM zone is shaded in inexperienced.  For an explanation of how I got here up with this, see this put up.

This higher device is a bit different than the Solar System we’ve now.  Venus have become one of Jupiter’s moons, Jupiter took Mars’ orbit, Mars took Venus’ orbit, and Earth’s moon turned into SOLAR SYSTEM switched out for Titan (currently Saturn’s biggest moon).  Good stuff.

Let’s take this game to the SOLAR SYSTEM following level.  I want to construct the ultimate Solar System.  I need to build a planetary machine with the most viable liveable worlds. 

I desire you are SOLAR SYSTEM not asking your self why.  It’s all about creativeness.  But, imagination constrained by technological know-how (and, to a lesser quantity, by truth).  Imagine all of the testimonies you could inform approximately a machine with masses of liveable worlds!  Alliances, wars, holidays on other planets, even orbital trickery!

Let’s do that systematically.  I’ll speak one piece of the puzzle at a time, then we’ll positioned them collectively.  Here is the layout.  The first five posts are the unique Ultimate Solar System, and the next 3 are newer accessories.

1. What type of SOLAR SYSTEM star will we need?

2. What sort of planets do we want?

three. What types of orbits need to planets have?

4. Ninja movements: moons and co-orbitals 

five. Putting it all collectively: some closing planetary systems.

6. Building an Ultimate Solar System with 16 stars

7. The largest tragedy in the history of the Universe

eight. The Ultimate Trojan 2-superstar planetary system

nine. The Ultimate Retrograde Solar System

10. The Ultimate Engineered Solar System

Hope you experience it.  Comments and questions are welcome!

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