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Can statistics approximately you be on someone else’s faculty report?


There can be instances in which someone else’s school file may addHIGH SCHOOL itionally maintain information approximately you or vice versa. ICO say, “Where HIGH SCHOOL the response includes statistics about another person, the request need to be considered cautiously. There is a responsibility to recall the rights HIGH SCHOOL of the character making the request and the privateness of every other people who may be identified.”

The ‘Subjects Access Right and Third Party Information’ published in 2000 “deals with the capacity struggle among an person’s right of access and a 3rd birthday celebration person’s rights to privacy or confidentiality, which could get up while handling a subject access request.” The problem of this obviously conflicts with The Data Protection act 1998.

There are several things that HIGH SCHOOL want to be addressed while 1/3 party information is concerned in a request to get right of entry to college report information;

1. Does the request require the disclosure of records which identifies a third birthday party character?

It may be possible to comply with the request for school statistics with out revealing the identity of a 3rd birthday celebration individual. In instances where this is not viable, further steps want to be taken;

2. Has the 1/3 party consented?

The third party character may additionally want to be contacted and requested for his or her consent for the information to be accessed by means of the asking for character. However this of path poses its personal challenges; the 0.33 birthday celebration may be difficult to locate, it could be highly-priced or impractical to discover them or they refuse to consent. In these situations it’d be all the way down to the individual pleasant the statistics request to recall whether it became ‘reasonable in all circumstances’ to disclose the records besides.

three. Would or not it’s affordable in all the HIGH SCHOOL occasions to disclose without consent?

The act affords a non-exhaustive listing of factors to be taken under consideration when figuring out what might be ‘affordable in all the instances’. These are;

• any responsibility of confidentiality owed to the 1/3 birthday party person;

• any steps you’ve got taken to try and get the consent of the 0.33 birthday celebration individual;

• whether the third birthday party man or woman is able to giving consent; and

• any explicit refusal of consent with the aid of the 1/3 party person.

The individual pleasant the request could want to justify why they idea it became appropriate to reveal the records regardless of HIGH SCHOOL lack or consent.

For more statistics on having access to college facts or different information with 0.33 events involved, click right here.

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School Records: a ready game


On behalf of the Data Protection Act, I also recently enquired about my faculty information as a former student, inside the years of 2004-2009 at Aldridge School – A Science College. As a general proper, I asked to benefit get admission to to personal facts about myself accrued from the faculty –  also whether they might enlighten me with what types of records is stored, why it is saved and whom it may properly be surpassed onto. Upon contacting my school at once via electronic mail, I changed into in truth, quick met with the subsequent response:

“The law calls for colleges to hold all student records for 5 years. The statistics held can be basic information, i.e.  your name, date of birth, additionally your contact details, faculty history (junior school, dates at secondary college), and exam effects.

We might use this records to verify info of some time at Aldridge School in case you put our name as a reference for a task/university route. We can also with the aid of law ship this on a password included document to the Local Authority, some other faculty or social offerings”.

–          Chris HIGH SCHOOL Welch

Headteacher’s PA/HR

Now, this response did indeed shed some mild on what I moreover desired to find out (even though it doesn’t represent all colleges in England it offers a truthful concept) but being handiest four years seeing that I left faculty, I am consequently yet to be legal get right of entry to to my actual college statistics. That is if they share them, having potentially overlooked my request for such private statistics in the above touch wherein they glaringly nevertheless store it having mentioning they preserve them for 5 years.

I have on the grounds that asked the faculty once more for my information and have no longer yet acquired a reply.

As a guide, the 2 styles of facts faculties can save upon you’re:

Personal facts:                      Names, dates of delivery, addresses, country wide insurance numbers, college marks, scientific records, exam results, SEN tests.

Sensitive personal records:     Race and ethnicity, political reviews, non secular ideals, club of exchange unions, bodily or mental fitness, sexuality and criminal offences.

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87% don’t know their rights concerning faculty records


According to a survey carried out by SchoolRecords, we exposed that 87% of respondents do now not realize their rights on the subject of their college facts.

The survey confirmed that only 6% of folks who took element have definitely seen a replica in their college document and 77% are not concerned approximately what’s on their statistics:

Have you ever visible your school file?

Are you concerned approximately what’s on your college report?

Are you aware of your rights surrounding who has get admission to to your faculty information?

Data for this observe changed into gathered the usage of SurveyMonkey.

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“Most secondary faculties cut price the whole lot”


Throughout the blog there has been many articles on if faculty facts influences peoples lives, what are on school records and the one-of-a-kind approaches to get hold of them however whilst complete interest has been drawn toward faculty data from secondary college and where they could lead you, no thoughts have been there for primary faculties.

Are their information important?

Are they much like secondary faculty?

I spoke to Benson Community School instructor, Oliver Wilson, approximately what he thinks approximately college records in primary schools.

“In primary school we’ve got only a few statistics that relate to kids which can be used for whatever beyond the yr they may be in…”

Mr Wilson, Mathematics Coordinator and Specialist Leader of Education, states the difference statistics of school statistics from secondary faculty and what then takes place to the facts,

“What we do have is a hard and fast of stages for Reading, Writing and Maths this is tracked and recorded every time period. This statistics, in addition to their give up of key level test outcomes might be all that goes with them to Secondary school, where they get a piece of a re-boot and start from scratch. We often write a report for his or her new faculty, but this handiest gives a bit historical past.

Most secondary schools cut price the whole lot from a Primary and start from scratch.”

It’s very exciting to pay attention that secondary colleges push aside students number one school facts adore it does no longer count. It makes me think about the attempt of number one school instructors do for scholars faculty information best to just get re-booted and start again when they reach better education. Why don’t they preserve them?

I requested Mr Wilson some questions as closure to the inquest.

1. What are in school facts

“Data on success, effects, behaviour, SEN, pastoral and general tests”

2. Do you best see simplest certain college data or they all?

“In my role I can see any of them, but would be most effective interested by my magnificence, or with a specific child in terms of an incident or request.”

3. Are they vital for the destiny of students?

“Only for the next yr or so – I do now not care what came about 2+ years ago, I would imagine Secondary schools will be the identical.”

So, an exciting inquest into the number one faculty record device and a one-of-a-kind perspective.

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At what age can a scholar request their school information?


Allowing a scholar get right of entry to to their college document is generally finished on a case-to-case foundation. It is essentially generic that if a baby is over the age of 12, they’re expected to be mature sufficient to apprehend what it is they are inquiring for, however this may alternate relying on the pupil’s themselves.

The information safety act 1998, with regard to highschool facts and student statistics, does now not specify an age at which a baby can legally request a replica of their report. When a request to get right of entry to their school document is made by way of a pupil, the person answerable for enjoyable the request must recall the following;

Does the pupil need their parent or mother or father concerned inside the request; and

Ensuring the scholar fully understands what it’s miles they may be asking for.

More statistics right here.

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How many court cases do ICO get concerning college information?


According to the Informations Commissioners Office around 4% of proceedings obtained with the aid of them have been about schooling, with the bulk of that suspected to be concerning school facts.

ICO declare to work with faculties within the UK to make certain personal data concerning pupil’s are treated fairly and professionally. They also claim to be “constantly regulating” and reviewing their present day guidelines on records protection and faculty facts.

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Will your infant’s school record keep them lower back from stepping into an excellent school?


There are several issues surrounding whether or not or not a school record could maintain a child returned. If a baby is in a catchment place of an group, apart from grammar colleges, then they automatically have an area in that school, in spite of whether or now not their faculty report is ideal or terrible. However, if a scholar is asking for admission to a college out of doors of the catchment vicinity, then the college in question might also want to look the scholar’s faculty record.

To find out your child’s catchment region click right here.

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Good information = fulfillment?


There has been a debate in this blog as to whether faculty statistics affect your destiny. Do properly information necessarily mean an excellent future? Maybe not. What about, awful data leading to a horrific life? Not genuine. I remember when I acquired one in every of my remaining faculty statistics whilst in High School, and with those I turned into determined to move onto College and, perhaps University. Many years later, I’m in University doing yet greater schooling, however that’s due to the fact I need to do well in lifestyles. There had been some human beings I knew that were given jobs, apprenticeships, or joined the army after leaving faculty. Perhaps the reason why they didn’t get into better training were rubbish college statistics, but we don’t realize that for sure.

There are many examples of human beings who’ve had negative school facts but have come to be extraordinarily a success. The Telegraph constructed a piece of writing that emphasizes the whole thing that this weblog and this publish has and is the story of a Cambridge University professor SIR John Gurdon, who in flip has poor college records however will become a Nobel Prize for his paintings in medication.

I requested Paul Lemon, who is a financial institution manager, and what he thinks approximately the school facts system;

“My best mind are that after it comes to school data the only records that depend are your exam grades ….. I might be amazed if any corporation seems beyond your exam grades because they are a great sufficient indication of whether or not you’re the type of person who can get your head down when it subjects and get matters completed ….. When you go out and start running then its the reference from the company that consists of a whole lot of weight”

Website HowStuffWorks carried out a listing of 15 international famous humans that got dropped out of college and feature emerge as influential people all over the world. Here is a breakdown of that list, but to read the full 15 people and their memories, click on at the link above.

– Thomas Edison – Creator of the lightbulb – Dropped out of school after 3 months

– Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft, richest character inside the global – Dropped out of Harvard.

– Albert Einstein – Scientist – Dropped out at 15.

– Walt Disney – Founder of Disney (Thankyou) – Dropped at 16 to join army.

– Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin – Quit at sixteen

Some unexpected names in that list, however it just proves that faculty records does now not remember. Not that we are condemning school attendence and in case you’re considering no longer going then check this article out by means of The Press approximately a first-class given to a non-attending child.

Official portrait of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 13, 2009.

(Photo by means of Pete Souza)

” information-image-meta=””aperture”:”10″,”credit score”:”Pete Souza”,”camera”:”Canon EOS 5D Mark II”,”caption”:”Official portrait of President-select Barack Obama on Jan. thirteen, 2009.\n\n(Photo by using Pete Souza)”,”created_timestamp”:”1231868319″,”copyright”:”\u00a9 2008 Pete Souza”,”focal_length”:”105″,”iso”:”100″,”shutter_speed”:”zero.008″,”title”:””” records-picture-name=”3197373298_ed9acf52ab_o” facts-big-record=”″ statistics-medium-file=”″ information-orig-document=”” records-orig-size=”1916,2608″ records-permalink=”” height=”300″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 220px) 100vw, 220px” src=”″ srcset=” hundred 220w, hundred 440w, hundred and ten&h=a hundred and fifty 110w” title=”Mr B Obama” width=”220″>

Photo By Pete Souza.Barack Obama have become USA President after having bad school data.

Daily Mail produced an article on Barack Obama and his school statistics, after evidence of his school life got here out.

“Average SAT rating of Obama’s 1981 switch group to Columbia turned into 1,a hundred. Bush got into Yale with score of 1,206 out of 1,600. Obama refuses to launch his academic document”

This indicates us that even the maximum effective people inside the world had negative faculty records, so why do they be counted.

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Does your college use ‘fair processing’?


Schools have to have in area a fair processing or privateness notice to parents and pupils before or as soon as they reap your non-public information. This precept surely manner schools should be clear and obvious about how they’ll use the private information they acquire.

The Data Protection Act does now not advocate a selected privacy observe layout; it is able to consequently be in a school prospectus, an records percent, on a internet site or in a separate document.

For faculties:

“If you report non-public details for specific purposes, say for counselling, you could need a privateness word specially for them. If you put up a standard privacy be aware on a internet site, you want to recall verbal exchange to households without clean internet get right of entry to”.

–      ICO

The crucial element is to inform dad and mom and students what private records you’re amassing and why:

“Make certain your observe mentions the cause and use of any CCTV and the use you can make of pics of body of workers and scholars. Unless well controlled, friction can rise up from placing identifiable photos of students on a internet site or school publication – a form of processing non-public records”.

–      ICO

Fair processing also requires a school to govern get admission to to personal statistics, only to staff and governors who want precise data to do their jobs after they really need it too. This covers get admission to to written and electronic pupil statistics, so efficient processes are essential to control such access to paper and digital statistics containing non-public data.

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