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SOLAR FIRE – The WSOLAR orld’s main astrology software program for Windows SOLAR





Upgrades:   $99from V8

$129 from v. 7 or 7.three

$159from v. five or 6

$225from v. 2, three, 4 or Solar Maps

$325 from v. 1 or DOS Nova

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FIRE V9 is an thrilling fruits of years of tough work and creativity.

This astrology software for Windows turned into first produced in 1992 and

has been expanding ever when you consider that to end up a international chief. Earlier variations added

an remarkable level of ease to casting and running with astrological

charts. The modern version provides many more calculations, extra

comfort capabilities, extra interpretive text, and thrilling new kinds of photograph


SOLAR FIRE V9 consists of some thing for everyone. For Advanced Astrologers and professionals, it has a notable style of excessive-precision astrological calculations, and an extraordinary degree of person-customisation. For Novices, its progressive factor-and-click on chart interpretations provide an exciting way to research, and its many without difficulty-explored options are an invite to experiment with new techniques.

SOLAR FIRE is designed to provide easy get right of entry to tohigh high-quality chart production — smooth inside the Windows surroundings. SOLAR FIRE V9uses state of the artwork planetary calculations from the noticeably correct

Swiss Ephemeris. You can create charts galore.


SOLAR FIRE’s talents encompass natal, development,

directed, any planet or asteroid return, pre-natal, growing/placing, lunar

segment, locality, heliocentric, composite, harmonic and harmonic arc rework

charts and greater…

Why the dependable following? It all starts at Solar Fire’s primary display,

which makes the maximum of Windows visible and clean-to-use environment.

Immediately you experience a sure calm and order, a restful respite from

data overload. And yet, someway, it’s all there. You can

right away see the modern-day kingdom of the program and what charts and

alternatives are currently selected. In addition, every one of the big array of

application capabilities is out there from this deceptively simple foremost

screen’s menu bar. How did such first-rate energy get packed into so easy

and clean an interface? The key’s consistency and thoughtful,

cautious planning.

The information files that Solar

Fire uses are simple, straightforward and, most importantly, just like

each other. This method that once you discover SOLAR ways to choose an issue set,

as an example, selecting any of the myriad of different options is pretty


Entering the area, quarter, latitude and longitude also couldn’t be less difficult, due to the fact Solar Fire comes with the built-in ACS International Atlas. Just kind in the facts and region and the range, longitude and time sector are routinely appeared up for you.

Oncesaved, a chart is straightforward to locate, because of a number of thoughtful

touches. You can institution charts into any wide variety of files – documents for you,

your own family, your first-time clients, your ongoing clients, your

research initiatives or books. In addition to the document name, you could write

an eighty-man or woman description of what’s in the record; this seems on the

display to jog your reminiscence each time the record is selected. Even even though a

file can include greater than 1000 charts, you can locate a chart

quick by way of typing the primary few letters of the name, or re-sorting the

record into various alphabetical orders, through date of beginning, or through while the

chart turned into introduced to the file. And in case you don’t keep in mind which record a

chart is in, no problem – Solar Fire will search for the chart in all

your documents without delay. Files are easily reorganized with the aid of

transferring, copying, deleting and editing charts. Plus, for every chart you

save, you can maintain unlimited comments that you could examine and edit

whenever the chart is chosen.

WHEELS – PLAIN AND FANCY: Solar Fire helps you to

exchange the appearance of the charts. You can assign any color that

your laptop display gives to every individual planet, sign and component

kind. You can select uncommon fonts for the delivery records and ‘Compliments

of’ text. And you could pick out from an thrilling new array of wheels, from

maximally readable to maximally colorful and exclusive.

In case none of these wheels fit your needs,

Solar Fire has a completely unique, revolutionary Wheel Designer that lets you effortlessly

design your personal. Let’s face it: maximum of us don’t want two hundred wheels, we

simply want a few that we like. Using the Wheel Designer, you may have

the a laugh of changing the scale and wide variety of circles and charts on each

wheel, the line fashion, cusp fashion, placement length and sort fashion and

dozens of other attributes, and without a doubt create the wheel of your goals.

The neatest component approximately it’s far that you may see the modifications take place

as you are making them. No ready and no ugly surprises!

You can also pick out from an array of page designs to fit your desires. Take your select from a range of excellent page

layouts or design your own page complete with precise wheels, reports

and even your personal brand. You can find a page to fit your desires whether or not

you are a horary, medieval, mental or esoteric astrologer.

Astrological publishing has never been this smooth.

CHART ART GALORE: Our group of Solar Fire designers and artists has delivered a range of 110+ Chart Art to create stunning lower back-drops on your chart work. See our stunning

array of designs via Celine Lawrence (clothier), Kay Steventon (artist),

Hank Friedman (artist) and Eila Laurikainen (clothier) and then choose

your favorites. Since first liberating our Solar Fire we’ve

delivered new Chart Art with issues – Love Art for Relationship Astrology

Work and Child Art for children’s charts. So please make certain that you

replace with our dynamic software.

SOLAR RETURN CHART ART: We have interesting news with a brand new set of Solar Return Chart Art.

This is a interesting new concept immediately from the table of a working

astrologer in affiliation with a image designer. The Solar Return

Chart Art is a set of 12 illustrated templates with a quick

interpretation of the Solar Return Sun in each House. These colorful

pages may be published out with a cutting-edge Solar Return of a customer,

friend or family member. The heritage colors for every page graphic

are in line with traditional residence colours and the brief key-word

text has been written via a professional, operating astrologer.

50 Standard Points are

available in the course of the program. These encompass Sun thru Pluto,

North and South Lunar Nodes (imply or real), Part of Fortune (constant or

specific day/night time), Asc, MC, Vertex, and Equatorial Asc (“East

Point”); Earth, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygeia and Astraea;

8 Uranian planets, Transpluto, Vulcan (D. Baker or L.H. Weston

model), and the Black Moon Lilith (suggest function). Also blanketed are

points along with Eris, Sedna, Selena (White Moon), Polar Ascendant and

a lot extra.

You can encompass any or all of those factors within the essential

ring of wheels and in honestly all other options of Solar Fire. You can create

and shop one-of-a-kind point sets for extraordinary uses, and in Solar Fire’s

lists and tables you may have the factors arranged in the order which you


30 House Systems encompass Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry,

Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Whole Signs, Alcabitius and Hindu Bhava.

There are also identical houses from the Ascendant; same with the

Ascendant within the center of the 1st; same with any planet, the lunar

north Node, the Part of Fortune, the Equatorial Ascendant, 0° Aries or

zero° of the Sun join up the first; and equal with the MC on the 10th or the

Vertex on the 7th. Houses can be calculated for geographic or

geocentric range. In addition, Gauquelin area positions are

to be had in tables and within the chart and electional searches. The Part of Fortune Whole Sign System has been delivered to Solar Fire V9.

Fantastic Aspect Support: 26 predefined components for the first 12 harmonics (conjunctions through semisextiles, plus

septiles, noviles, undeciles and their multiples), and additionally parallels

and contraparallels. Each predefined aspect has its own glyph, and can

have its own colour and line fashion. You also can outline additional

elements with their own arc widths, orbs, colors, line styles and

alphabetical symbols.You can set distinct orbs for natal,

transiting and stepped forward use, and special orbs for the luminaries

vs. other points. Or, you can create specific orbs for every individual

pair of points by means of choosing Solar Fire’s “planet ratio” orbs. Other

to be had ways of doing factors consist of moieties, unidirectional,

sign-to-signal, and “three-D” (off-the-ecliptic) elements. You can create and

shop a vast quantity of various issue sets for distinct


ENCYCLOPEDIA: We have taken the great of Devores’ Encyclopedia and introduced our own new definitions to make up the Solar Encyclopedia.

Students of astronomical cycles will like the ingress, lunar-phase,

rise/set, and return charts. Returns can be for any planet or asteroid,

or to any targeted point inside the zodiac, and you may do an entire string

of returns robotically from one enter. You can also find ingresses

and eclipses inside the dynamic search alternative, and might create custom

ephemeris pages for any period in history.


can select buddies, family and clients’ charts for a special pop-up

birthday reminder! Every day that you open your Solar Fire your

decided on reminders will pop-up and jog your reminiscence for the birthdays of

clients, family and friends.

CHART DATA: 3000+ Rodden-rated

charts in new chart classes inclusive of Adventure, Art & Design, Business, Crime & Infamy, Esoteric, Fashion & Society, Horse Racing, Literature, Media, Military, Music & Dance, Politics, Religion, Royalty, Science, Screen & Stage and Sports.

ASTRODYNES (additionally acknowledged

as Cosmodynes):Astrodynes can be viewed and printed in thenew Report

View tabulation listing and have additionally been introduced as eight one of a kind web page

gadgets. These can be added to a web page the use of the Page Designer.


Natal, Synastry, Transiting, Progressed, and Firdaria Interpretations with the aid of Stephanie Johnson. You can get pop-up interpretations of person

factors and different elements by using clicking on planets and other items inside the

chart wheel or hitlist. You can also view, edit and print whole

multi-page reviews through your favourite phrase processor. If you desire,

you could positioned your very own stamp on the interpretations by using rewriting and

including to the textual content database itself. Alice Portman has added

comprehensive Vertex interpretations to the Natal interpretation report.

UK Astrologer Julian Venables has additionally written Midpoint Interpretations completely for Solar Fire. And international-renowned Sabian expert Lynda Hill has written Sabian Oracle and Sabian Natal Interpretations text.

Solar Fire’s 25 – 50-web page Natal Report includes short paragraphs approximately a very huge range of things — not

most effective planets in signs and symptoms, homes and factors, but additionally in tiers (Sabian

Symbol and Ebertin-fashion scientific which means), decanates, factors, modes,

quadrants and hemispheres. There is likewise textual content about residence cusps,

dispositors, rays, and lunar phases. Also, there are actually Sign and House

interpretations for Chiron, Eris, Sedna, Selena and the 6 wellknown

asteroids, and component interps for Chiron. This document is up to date with

every new version turning into increasingly comprehensive.  In the modern day Solar Fire textual content for the Vertex has been written by way of Alice Portman, an Australian astrologer and professional

in this difficulty. The Solar Fire interpretations text is usually

updated and advanced on your entertainment. You can locate all forms of

records by clicking at the Chart’s Displayed Points or generating a

record on your word processor. These reviews may be offered or given for your pals, circle of relatives and customers but we endorse you edit them first as they have been written for astrological edification.

The 18-page (approx) Synastry Report is a comprehensive interpretation of the connection between the

planets in two human beings’s charts. It is written especially from the

attitude of a romantic attachment, however can shed mild on different kinds

of relationships.

Solar Fire also carries complete interpretations reports for Transits and Progressions.

These are designed to define the energies at any given time. Aimed

basically at astrologers, they can also be given to clients (with some modifying).

If you’re a fan of Midpoints then you could enjoy the interpretations by UK Astrologer Julian

Venables. The Solar Fire creators constantly welcome contributions to our tons-cherished astrology software program. Years of understanding make this program a

welcome addition to any astrologers’ tool kit.

A Firdaria file is likewise contained in Solar Fire. This historic lifestyle is based

on “intervals” of time being ruled through exceptional planets. The Firdaria

file is to be had as a single interpretation for the modern length

(approx one page), as a record for the Previous, Current and Next

duration or for an entire life.

Sabian Interpretations are also available within the shape of a available Oracle and in your Natal

Chart work. These interpretations have been written via global-renowned

Sabian expert Lynda Hill.

The modern-day Solar Fire V9 now incorporates a short interpretations file for Solar Returns. This report written by means of Stephanie Johnson evaluates and translates the primary themes for the coming near near birthday 12 months. It includes the Planets inside the Houses and Signs (and the Aspects to the Sun).


PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGERScan make experience of mountains of timed hits, thanks to Solar Fire’s Time Map graphs, photograph ephemeris and its superb sorting abilities. Besides

sorting timed hits inside the usual chronological order, you may type with

the slowest-moving transits first. Or, attempt grouping natal points to peer

how every is stricken by transits during the duration. Or, put specific and

leaving hits upfront with the getting into hit to peer the whole direction of

every transit as it starts. Or, sort transits, progressions, directions,

ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections. Dynamic lists

have the identical superior alternatives (tertiaries, minors, quotidians, Bija

correction, etc.) as man or woman charts, and there’s a full choice of

return charts, together with precession-corrected and converse. Also be aware

our new calendar entire with brief text.

THE PLANET OR ELECTIONAL SEARCH: You can seek thru your chart files one after the other to find out

charts with similar capabilities. You can look for planets within the identical

symptoms, house, elements and/or position. The powerful time seek

capability allows you to apply a huge range of astrological criteria and

chart records criteria. Solar Fire makes it all so smooth and the effects

are fascinating. New search facilities: If you were already delightedwith Solar Fire’s electional and chart seek centers, then you definitely are

likely to be amazed via the brand new search conditions inside the contemporary

variations. Now you can look for Chart Shapes, Unaspected planets, Day

of Week and Midpoints. Some chart shapes additionally allow choice of which

planet is key (e.g. Lead planet in a SOLAR Locomotive, Handle planet in a

Sling or Bucket). And if that is not enough Solar Firenow lets in

for complete Boolean logic aid! And there’s extra…

DYNAMIC REPORTS: Such a simple addition but such a welcome one is the ability to outline

your own dynamic record columns and now include AGE. Now you can

see factors already in Orb on the begin of every file. This approach that

long time transit hits are always visible inside the document, even if no E/X/L

occasion happens all through the report duration. Our Dynamic activities now usually have

the best accuracy possible, such as for large time steps. Auto DST

modifications at the moment are applied to document events and a timezone column

brought to show which timezone applies to every occasion.

CALENDAR: See your private and/or

each day transits and interpretations in our elegantly designed calendar.

You can without problems and quickly display any dynamic file in calendar

layout, for a day, week or month at a time. You can print your Solar

Calendar or e mail it for your family, buddies or clients. Your

interpretations may be proven as popup hint bubbles or as a separate

report. The calendar also can be produced as a PDF report after which without problems

exported as calendar activities into different calendar applications along with MS

Outlook, or some other calendar packages which can be well suited with

the iCalendar or vCalendar formats.


All Kinds of

Forecasting Charts: Solar Fire lets you cast all sorts and

variations of forecasting charts and save them for future use. You can

pick out from:

Transiting Charts: Direct or converse, tropical, siderealor precession-corrected.

Progressed Charts: By

secondary, tertiary (suggest or real), minor or consumer fee. MC advanced

by way of solar or Naibod arc in either longitude or proper ascension, or by means of Q2

(“every day houses”) price. Progressed day kind can be popular or Bija. Can

additionally be direct or converse, tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected.

Directed Charts encompass

sun, Ascendant, Vertex and user-described arcs, and these may be direct

or speak, with whole, half, double or reverse arcs.

You can view any forecasting chart both through itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts. You also can forged forecasting charts with more points and look at them the usage of Solar Fire’s more-points wheel jewelry and tables.

Return Charts consist of

returns of the Sun, Moon or any planet or preferred asteroid to its

natal or another precise function. Returns may be tropical,

sidereal or precession-corrected; direct or communicate; full, demi,

quarti, or some other harmonic; and you may do a whole string of returns

from any starting date. Other forms of go back encompass stepped forward solar

returns and Wynn Key Cycles.

Lunar-Phase Charts consist of advanced and transitinglunar phases, eclipses, section returns, and Pessin lunar phase households.

Age-Harmonic Charts create

a harmonic chart for a given moment in a person’s existence from the person’s

exact age on the time. You can do those for the man or woman’s age, or age

plus three hundred and sixty five days. You can view any forecasting chart both with the aid of itself or in a multi-ringed wheel in conjunction with the natal and other charts. You can also forged forecasting charts with more factors and examine them using Solar Fire’s more-factors wheel rings and tables.

Animated Charts can help you placed natal and forecasting charts at the equal multi-wheel, and

then click on forward or again in time to watch the changes in the

transiting, advanced and/or directed (and even profected) planets and

factors. Solar Fire’s factor highlighting function makes the

adjustments even greater dramatic, thickening an component line because the thing

builds in intensity, and then changing it to a broken line as quickly as

the component separates. Not most effective are you able to animate chart wheels, you may

also animate aspectarians and even complete pages to be able to watch their

tables of dignities, arabic elements, rays and plenty extra exchange thru

time. You also can animate dials, get point-and-click interpretations,

and print out any chart that you see on the display. This easy and

direct way of looking at charts could nicely grow to be your favourite way to


A Real-Time Chart shows

you a wheel or page with constantly updating present day planetary

positions. To get it, you actually positioned the animated chart on automated

update. (This is similarly to the continuously updating planet, MC and

Asc positions that you could have continually visible on Solar Fire’s Main


Dynamic Hit lists are fantastically

flexible and complete in Solar Fire. You can do transits (to

natal, transiting, stepped forward or directed positions), progressions

(secondary, tertiary, minor and person-described, to natal or progressed

positions), arc guidelines (solar, Ascendent, Vertex or consumer-described

complete, double, half or reverse arcs), sign and house ingresses,

stations and eclipses. You also can encompass parallels of declination or

range, number one guidelines (Van Dam Primary Mundane / Primary Zodiacal alternatives, Placidus or Regiomontanus techniques for computing instructions, New fee keys, Classical or Modern definitions of Converse), annual profections,

and void-of-course Moon times. You can do any of these by themselves or

mix them in one timed list, and you can gain even further flexibility

via merging hit lists.

As factors, you can consist of each moving

and natal asteroids, hypothetical planets, midpoints, and even the

moving Asc, MC, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant. Plus, as natal factors

you could encompass intermediate house cusps, Arabic elements, and any constant

factors that you specify. You can use exclusive point sets for transits,

progressions/guidelines and the natal chart, and might use specific

factors and orbs for transits vs. progressions/directions.

Other picks encompass

natal or relocated; geo or helio; tropical, sidereal or

precession-corrected; normal or converse; and timing to either the day

or the minute. Once you set up all your choices for a given motive,

you may call and save them for destiny use.

Once a hitlist is

calculated, Solar Fire’s sorting talents assist you to make feel of

it. Besides sorting timed hits within the common chronological order, it’s

beneficial to kind with the slowest-shifting, maximum essential transits first.

Or type through natal factors to see how each thing inside the chart is affected

through the transits in the course of that length. Or type via the shifting factor to see

what every shifting factor is doing to all the planets in a chart. Or institution

entering, genuine and leaving dates together to look the complete path of

each transit as it enters orb, perfects and separates. Or kind with the aid of kind

of issue. Or type transits, progressions, guidelines, ingresses,

stations and eclipses into separate sections.

For more statistics about a hit, you can click on on it to peer different

times of the transit, a paragraph of interpretation, or a complete

chart wheel for the instant.

Dynamic Interpretation Reports: In addition, for the whole length

included with the aid of the hit list, you could view and print a multi-page transiting

and/or advanced interpretation file. You can also copy simply the

hits themselves to a phrase processor or spreadsheet, wherein you can edit

them, manipulate them in tables, and so on.

These reports aren’t supposed for batch

processing and business applications, but they’re tremendous for buying

your interpretive juices flowing, selling your offerings, and giving

to a client as an additional at the side of your consultation. And for

beginners, they’re an easy and nice manner to examine astrology.

“Time Maps” show

the whole hitlist in photograph shape. Using a horizontal bar to suggest

the period of every event, these graphs make it clean to visualise how

the transits, progressions, guidelines, and different events overlap in


Graphic Ephemerides: Ebertin-fashion graphs of planetary motion come up with an additional manner to

make sense of transits, progressions or directions. Making it

right now apparent how fast every planet is traveling, and in what

path, they vividly depict planetary stations and complexes or

“knots” of aspects. You can do picture ephemerides with or without a

natal chart, and you can view them no longer best in longitude (in 360-, 30-,

45-degree or another modulus) however additionally in latitude and declination.

In Solar Fire you could flow the

cursor to look the precise date and zodiacal degree of any point on the

graph. Even better, you’re free to scroll those graphs forward and

lower back in time as a whole lot as you desire without needing to return to the

choice display screen.

Custom Ephemeris Tables use state-of-the-art accuracy and cross manner past what you could get in

books. Over any timespan and in something time area and time periods

you pick, you may generate your desire of longitude, latitude, proper

ascension, declination, and each day movement not best for planets, but additionally

for the MC, Asc, Part of Fortune, midpoints, ordinary and further

asteroids, SOLAR stars and hypothetical points. You can do those in geo or

helio coordinates; inside the tropical, draconic or any sidereal zodiac.

Your printouts also can include the sidereal time and day of the week,

and they may be precise to either mins or seconds of arc. You can

additionally generate ephemerides in decimal-diploma format for export to

spreadsheets and different applications.

Life-Event Lists attached to the natal chart make

it easy to store and arrange someone’s complete life history and maintain

including to it whenever you desire. Just click on the main display screen’s Chart

Preview window to go into the dates and times of these events. From then

on, they stand prepared for instant recall as transiting, improved or

directed charts. Life-event lists also enable you to leap to the time

of those events right away inside the lively chart view.


Solar Fire consists of all of the features which you would really like in your relationship astrology work – Synastry Grids and Interpretations, Composite Charts, and extra.

Composite Chart Art: 12 new Chart Art pages had been designed displaying key notes

for the house region of the composite Sun.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELORSwill be fascinated by what the multi-individual composite charts (of up to

15 human beings) and four-chart dials reveal approximately agencies. A synastry grid

with orbs helps you to fast spot the issues. Or you may make a Synastry

interpretations document.

Ashtkoot Compatibility System The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a system that has its roots in

India and is typically used in Vedic astrology. Vedic and Relationship

Astrologers will love this easy calculation that compares two

humans’s charts and is derived up with a compatibility rating. Anything over

18 is a green mild. Try your charts and spot how you pass. As Solar

Fire’s personal Neville Lang explains: “Ashtkoot” definitely way “8 factor”.

The scoring within this system is primarily based on the position of the sidereal

Moon (Lahiri) of the two human beings and the 8 factors are scored at the

integration of thoseMoon positions. The most rating is 36. The

implementation of this machine in Solar Fireallows a consumer to

pick out two charts from both the chart documents or ones that have been

entered and if a zodiac used in the ones charts is one apart from the

Lahiri zodiac then Solar Fire automatically converts the Moon

role to the Lahiri (sidereal) position internally and the scores

calculated. Neville Lang has studied about one hundred couples over a ten 12 months

duration (nevertheless a small pattern size) the use of the Ashtkoot Compatibility

device he has come up with a few tentative boundaries of the Total

score. If you think about using site visitors lights as a quick indicator

then the Red mild will constitute ratings of 40% of the most 36 (a

rating of 14.4) and decrease, the Orange light will represent the range

from forty% (14.5) to 69% (24.7), and the Green mild will represent

rankings of 24.eight and higher. Basically, the Red mild indicates a warning

for the long time viability of the relationship, the Orange mild method

that is it “middling” and requires more evaluation of the 2 character

charts at the same time as the Green light indicates a high degree of compatibility

for the connection to run for the long term.



Astrologers will enjoy the growing frame of features included to permit

you to explore the historic world of astrology.


Fire traditionalists have a preference among a spherical chart wheel or a

Traditional Square one. A spherical wheel can display the Decans and Terms while Traditional Square Charts are protected in a dozen pages designed mainly for Classical Astrology.

Traditional House Systems consist of Whole Signs, Alcabitius, Regiomontanus and other suitable houses.

Traditional Aspect Types consist of moieties and signal-to-signal aspects. In Solar Fire you may choose

to apply a Traditional Square Chart with Traditional Planets best and

Sign-to-Sign Ptolemaic Aspects.

Traditional Tables consist of entire Essential Dignity ratings; the almuten (Ibn Ezra) and Essential Dignity (Ptolemy and

Dorothean/Egyptian) general for each planet; mutual receptions (including

by means of exaltation, triplicity, time period and face); house almutens; chart hylegs

(Ptolemy, Omar and Bonatti variations); planetary sect; tables of aspects

to the Moon, fixed stars or Arabic parts; horary considerations; the

chart’s planetary hour, day, and 12 months; planetary hours for the whole

day; and nearest lunar levels or eclipses. In addition, bendy lists

of planets, stars and Arabic elements can include your desire of columns

for residence rulership, dispositor, dispositor’s house, antiscion,

contra-antiscion, tropical and sidereal Arabic Lunar Mansion, Planetary Sect and different applicable data.

Our specific Dignities Editor also

enables you to discover the arena of Classical Astrology with

pre-designed almutens and dignities, in addition to the ability to design

your personal. You can set the editor and bring your personal set of historical

calculations from a easy Essential Dignities rating to a greater

complex Chart Almuten.

Traditional Planet Sets and Rulerships are available, plus unlimited person-definable Arabic components

(which include the conventional Part of Fortune and other Parts that

vary for day and night births). The Arabic Parts Editor allows you

to adjust greater than 100 pre-defined components and also create new ones,

every with its personal call and abbreviation. The factors inside the A+B-C

formulation can be planets, residence cusps, rulers, dispositors, other Parts,

the prenatal lunation or any distinctive degree within the zodiac — and the

formulation can differ for day and night births. You can create and save

exceptional units of Arabic parts for one of a kind uses.

A Rulership Editor also enables you regulate the blanketed Modern, Traditional, Esoteric and Hierarchical rulership schemes or create new ones.

There also are Fixed Stars,

including a set of the 31 stars defined by using Ptolemy. Likewise, the

Fixed Star Editor lets you add conventional star meanings to those

already in the software. Needless to say, there’s additionally a horary page

with full Lilly-fashion dignities, almutens of homes, planetary hours,

and the day or night Part of Fortune.

Traditional Predictive Techniques consist of Firdaria (Schoener and nodal variation types), annual profections, Directions via Egyptian or Ptolemaic terms, and Primary Directions (Ptolemy degree-for-a-12 months, Naibod, and natal sun fees in addition to contemporary Van Dam primaries). You may also locate Firdaria interpretations written by using Stephanie Johnson. These can be produced for the present day duration, the modern-day, previous and ultimate, or for a life-time.

Chart and Electional Searches will discover charts and time intervals that

have any of seven horary issues — Sun above the horizon, Asc near

a signal boundary, and Moon void (by wellknown or Lilly approach), waxing,

rapid or inside the Via Combusta. These seek capabilities also can find charts

where a given planet, cusp or different factor (or its ruler, almuten,

antiscion or contra-antiscion) is in any of 20 distinct types of

dignity. In addition, they can do things like finding charts where a

planet, factor or cusp (or its ruler, almuten, etc.) is a given planet,

or is in a given signal or house, or is in a given aspect to some other

point or specific degree.

Solar Firealso contains a Temperament tabulation. This Temperament tabulation may be executed for any chart. and

carries the four temperaments weighted in keeping with Lilly – Choleric,

Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic.

Solar Fire carries new Traditional Wheel Designs.Now you may view Face rulers, Terms rulers, Egyptian rulers and Nakshatras to your Solar Fire Chart wheel. The previous model of Solar Fire Gold supplied a wheel fashion

showing decanate rulers. This version now extends this idea to

encompass wheels displaying rulers utilized in Classical astrology. To

show the decanate ruler wheel, at the “View Chart” display you can

truly select the DecRuler.wh1 wheel style from the “Wheel Style”

button. Now you may pick either of the following:

   • Face rulers

   • Ptolemy Term rulers

   • Egyptian rulers

   • Nakshatras

Those who love Hellenistic Astrology may be thrilled with the addition of the potential to calculate Zodiacal Releasing, an historical timing approach this is derived from the work of the 2d century astrologer Vettius Valens. Thanks to Astrologer Chris Brennan Solar Fire now calculates this crucial Time Lord machine.

Primary Directions:

Primary Mundane / Primary Zodiacal options

Placidus or Regiomontanus strategies for computing directions

New rate keys

Classical or Modern definitions of Converse

Expert astrologers can now revel in our revised and expanded range of Primary Directions reviews to be had via the Dynamic Reports feature. Solar Fire now has “Primary Zodiacal” guidelines in addition to made over “Primary Mundane” instructions. Previously, Solar Fire computed Primary Directions according to the semi-arc approach promoted via Placidus. Solar Fire now allows you to select among Placidus’ semi-arc projections and Regiomontanus’ preferred projections primarily based on hour circles to decide mundane role. You may additionally word that Solar Fire now computes Primary Directions to Radix an awful lot faster and allows numerous more “rate keys” to be had inside the Preferences / Settings / “Progs/Dirns” tab along with Cardan’s key (59 degrees 12 minutes), Placidus’ key (based totally on the real sun arc in Right Ascension), Solar Birthday Longitude (just like Kepler’s key, however longitude in preference to proper ascension) and User-determined charge. Solar Fire has additionally brought an alternative for the Classical Converse or the Modern Converse strategies.


ESOTERIC ASTROLOGERScan work with esoteric and hierarchical rulerships, ray interpretations, and the esoterically critical hypothetical planet Vulcan. Solar Fire includes each the Douglas Baker and LH Weston calculations for Vulcan.

Solar Fire enables esoteric astrologers to encompass the heliocentric

role of the planet Earth on geocentric charts. You can also

explore different esoterically crucial planetary our bodies which includes Sigma,

Morya, Pan, Isis, Hermes, Osiris, Midas and Lion.

You can show graphs of ray distributions of the planetary

placements by using sign using either weighted or unweighted planets. You can

additionally show planet and sign colours based on the esoteric ray thru

the signs and symptoms and planets.

Solar Fire allows you to choose esoteric components consisting of the Quintile, Septile, Novile and more.

You can calculate 18 kinds of prenatal charts, such as E H Bailey and Charles Jayne-type charts for thought and quickening.

You may additionally revel in showing your beginning charts the use of the lovely

designs of Esoteric Astrologer Eila Laurikainen and other artists.


COSMOBIOLOGISTS, SYMMETRICAL AND URANIAN ASTROLOGERS will love the Cosmobiology Dials in Solar Fire complete with guidelines,

in addition to the ability to do transits to midpoints and watch the

midpoints transiting. You also can do midpoint types, lists and timber

in any modulus, and may consist of the Aries Point together with Uranian

planets. You also can adapt the Arabic Parts Editor to do Uranian A+B-C

photos. The Dials, which you can customise, can hold 1 to 4 charts

and are fully functional in both the static and the animated chart

views. Writers and editors can easily ship both pics and text to phrase processing and DTP programs. Wheels and aspectarians come out beautifully sharp as Windows Metafiles, and hold their readability at any size. Listings and interpretations come out as textual content, which you may edit and layout similar to every other text. These include natal charts, transits, progressions, firdaria and synastry reports.

Professionals can ship a few or all the 20-unusual pages of interpretations on each chart to a word processor as a place to begin for an individualized written interpretation. They can also rewrite the text database itself. Novices will locate the factor-and-click and hit list interpretations a pleasing manner to examine.

Midpoints: There are midpoint bushes and lists of midpoint axis structures; midpoint lists sorted with the aid of planet, modulus or mode; and Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis tables that show which midpoints are the most lively. You also can

encompass decided on midpoints inside the greater-factors ring of wheels and

dials. You can also find Midpoint Interpretations written via UK

Astrologer Julian Venables.

For forecasting with midpoints, Solar Fire’s dynamic hitlists, time map graphs and Ebertin-fashion photograph ephemerides

can all include not only natal however also transiting, stepped forward and

directed midpoints. In addition, you could generate desk-fashion ephemerides that display the positions of transiting midpoints at ordinary intervals.

Arc Directions: In

directed charts, hitlists, time maps and picture ephemerides, you may

do sun arc and other guidelines by way of forward or opposite entire, half of or

double arcs. In addition, you could use solar-arc-directed photograph

ephemerides to create Cosmobiology “lifestyles diagrams.”

Graphic Modulus Sort Strips are

like linear dials. They will let you see at a look how the chart factors

relate to each other in diverse harmonics. You can create sort strips

in any modulus (for instance 360-, 30-, forty five- 72- and ninety-diploma) and

set up strips for unique moduli on the same web page.

Planetary Pictures: Solar

Fire’s Arabic Parts Editor allows you to create limitless Uranian

A+B-C combinations to seem as touchy factors in wheels and tables.

Sorted Difference Listings of all pairs of points in a chart are a simple and elegant way to see

both midpoint axes and planetary images. They sort the near and a long way

arcs between every planetary pair in order of arc size. Pairs with

almost the same arc are at the same midpoint axis — because of this that

they form a planetary picture.

Other Cosmo functions consist of:

  Antiscia and Contra-antiscia charts and tables

  eight Uranian Planets plus the Aries Point.


Ebertin-Style Medical Degree Meanings to be had with the aid of clicking on any

degree within the chart wheel or via choosing Degrees inside the natal

interpretation document.


Watch the celestial sphere seem before your very eyes.Solar Fire’s Planetarium is a unique approach to rediscover the historic realm of the Fixed Stars.

It also includes the text for 50 stars by Bernadette Brady, creator of Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, and co-writer of JigSaw, the astrology

software for rectification, research and own family patterns.

290 Major Stars are protected, with coordinates, importance, spectral elegance, and in lots of

cases keywords and interpretations. Plus, it’s clean to enter data for

additional stars. You can also add black holes, quasars, and so on. If you

aren’t satisfied with Solar Fire’s Planetarium you may link to an

net Stellarium thru the Solar Fire menu.

The Fixed Stars Editor allows

you to go into information for additional stars or deep-space items, sort them

in numerous approaches, print out celebrity tables, discover their positions in eras

faraway from our own, and create unique units of stars for special

uses. You may want to even use the Fixed Stars Editor to go into the day-with the aid of-day

positions of a comet (which you may then show within the Planetarium

View, with or without the planets of a natal chart).


Planetarium View enables you to view the starry sphere both by way of itself

or with a chart’s planets overlaid. This suggests the proper spatial

relation of stars to a chart. You can click on a star (or on the planet

nearest to it) to see the famous person’s call, constellation, catalog number,

coordinates, significance, spectral magnificence, and in many instances, its meaning.

Also proven are the star’s upward thrust/set/culminate/anticulminate instances for

the date and location of the delivery chart. These can offer a clue as to

whether or not the superstar is making parans with other bodies inside the chart.

Star Aspect and Paran Lists are available within the essential body of this system. These display either

components or parans between stars and the opposite points in a chart. (When

a star is located a protracted manner from the ecliptic, parans provide the maximum

dependable manner to reveal the way it pertains to the chart’s planets.)

Star Interpretations are available for fifty of the most outstanding stars, you can point and

click on inside the planetarium to peer a carefully concept-out current

interpretation by using celebrity professional Bernadette Brady. Brief traditional

designations are also given for the set of 31 stars cited with the aid of


Stars in Chart Wheels and Pages: Special

extra-factors earrings enable you to decorate chart wheels with some thing

stars you want, and next to the chart wheels you can area bendy

extra-points lists that deliver a key to the celebrities’ abbreviations and display

their coordinates and different statistics which you suppose is relevant.

Ephemeris Tables of Stars:

You can use Solar Fire’s Ephemeris Generator to listing the converting

longitudes, latitudes, right ascensions and declinations of stars over

lengthy durations of time. (You can also regulate megastar positions for

precession and right motion by using getting into a new date inside the Fixed Stars


ASTEROIDS – Minor Planets

Solar Fire V9 now has ninety two minor planet glyphs for display to your chart.

Some of those superbly designed glyphs have been furnished by Asteroid professional Roderick Kidston, and others by Minor Planet researcher Zane B Stein, who each reside in Australia. Some of the glyphs are in common utilization and where there are no glyphs for a few asteroids, Solar Fire makes use of Roderick’s glyphs. There are glyphs for those asteroids: Abundantia, Aditi, Adonis, Adorea, America, Amor, Amphitrite, Amun, Anubis, Apollo, Arachne, Asbolus, Aten, Atlantis, Atropos, Bacchus, Circe, Cupido, Damocles, Demeter, Diana, Eros, Europa, Fama, Flora, Fortuna, Frigga, Gaea, Ganesa, Ganymede, Gilgamesh, Gratia, Harmonia, Hathor, Hebe, Hekate, Hephaistos, Heracles, Herculina, Hidalgo, Hopi, Horus, Icarus, Imhotep, Iris, Isis, Jubilatrix, Kassandra, Kleopatra, Klotho, Lachesis, Lilith, Medea, Midas, Moira, Neith, Nemesis, Nephthys,Orpheus, Osiris, Panacea, Pandora, Parvati, Persephone, Pomona, Proserpina, Psyche, Ptah, Pythia, Sappho, Sekhmet, Seraphina, Siva, Toro, Tyche, Urania; glyphs for the Centaurs -Chariklo, Cyllarus, Echeculus, Elatus, Hylonome, Nessus, Okyrhoe, Pholus; and glyphs for Minor Planets out beyond Pluto: Haumea, MakeMake, Orcus, Quaoarand Varuna. You can pick out diverse Minor Planets/Asteroids and their glyphs for display in your Chart Wheel or you can select all 92 our bodies that have glyphs within the Extra Ring. You also can add up to 50 astrological points to the main Solar Fire wheel.

Over the years, a lot of you have asked whether or not or now not you can upload asteroids, fixed stars, Arabic elements, midpoints and numerous other points onto the primary wheel of Solar Fire as opposed to the usage of the Extra Ring. In response to these requests, a new function now permits for as much as 50 consumer-described factors to seem on the main wheel in conjunction with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and so on. Now you may upload as much as 50 points consisting of your favourite Asteroids.

Or, and in addition to the Asteroid Glyphs, there at the moment are glyphs for 2 different points you may upload as extra factors, the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center.

Solar Fire traditionally protected Ceres, Pallas, Juno Vesta, Hygeia, Astraea and Chiron (for people who name Chiron an Asteroid, even though it is officially described as a Centaur) inside the widespread

factor set. Positions, from the Swiss Ephemeris, make bigger from 5401 BC to

5399 AD and have a possible accuracy to 3 arc mins in 3000 BC.

These our bodies have their personal glyphs, and you could include them in

simply every a part of the program, such as the normal wheel earrings

and tables, dynamic hitlists, astro-mapping and planetarium views, and

the brand new chart and electional searches.

Asteroid interpretations include both natal and transiting signal and residence interps for all 7

our bodies, plus natal, transiting and synastry component interps for Chiron.

1,081 Extra Asteroids and minor planets are also provided with Solar Fire. Besides our bodies within the asteroid

belt, these encompass the Centaurs and newly observed transneptunian

objects like Quaoar and Sedna. Positions are from the Swiss Ephemeris

and extend from 1500 to 2100 AD. You can upload ephemerides for greater

centuries and extra asteroids from any supply that is in Swiss Ephemeris

or pre-2003 Pottenger layout.


Solar Fire includes FULL MAPPING features (formerly called Solar Maps). All of the features of Solar Maps had been blanketed in Solar Fire such as the Relocation reviews, the Zoom facility and greater…

Solar Maps v5 combines easy yet fashionable programming with contemporary astrological strategies. The result is the easiest and most beneficial astrological mapping application available on the market. Find the best locales for paintings, love, or the precise vacation and use the mundane capabilities to recognize wherein vast occasions are possibly to arise. View the interpretations at the display screen or print out a relocation document. This software is ideal on your very own non-public use, for mundane paintings and for reinforcing your purchaser paintings.

Creative programming offers Solar Maps extremely-clean photo shows and easy Windows operation putting the fun and ease again into following your self around the world. Everything is available through clean and easy Windows displays and menus. It additionally has context-touchy online help and an illustrated, listed guide of more than 100 pages.

Other capabilities include:

ASTRO-LINES: You can choose any combination of the subsequent traces to be displayed on any map: planet on MC; planet on IC; planet growing or on Asc; planet setting or on Dsc; paran lines for someone planet in aggregate with all others; planet instructions; neighborhood horizon; neighborhood houses; ecliptic; zodiacal signs and symptoms; overall sun eclipse line; partial solar eclipse traces.

Now in model five you may pick element strains or midpoint traces as properly. All planet line sorts can also be used for any selected constant stars.

INTERPRETATIONS: These easy-to-examine interpretations can be viewed as a report by way of clicking on a region. You click on at the interpretations mouse mode button after which factor to a image plotted over or around the map and click for an interpretations document to appear. This consists of an advent to Astro-mapping with interpretations for the subsequent: planet on MC/IC/Asc/Dsc; planets in paran; planet course traces. You also can examine man or woman interpretations by means of double clicking on a line of any data-listing file. All of the provided textual content is editable with an covered utility application. The text has been written with the aid of Esoteric Technologies Co-director and astrologer Stephanie Johnson.

MAPS: A choice of pre-defined preferred maps is supplied. You can create and store as many new maps as you desire for any vicinity of the sector. You can choose and regulate the specified map location via zooming and panning. Map land and sea colorings are completely customizable. You can pick and regulate which metropolis and united states names are plotted on maps. Click and point to measure distances or angles on any map. You can view the sector map in square or Mercator view, or as a sphere. You can now zoom in to an awful lot extra precision of coastlines and lakes PLUS an stronger system of navigating maps.

TRACKING: This characteristic allows you to examine geographical warm spots with Solar Maps. The program comes with a database mounted of Atlantic hurricanes from 1851 to 2002 and with the functionality to down load extra hurricanes from the UniSys web pages. This equal gadget may be used for graphing the places of earthquakes (or fault strains), volcanoes, or the tornadoes of a specific season.

You now have the potential to:

Create new song/occasion collection documents

Import an person hurricane track into a set file (from the UniSys storm tracking web web page)

Import a group of earthquakes into a group record (from the NEIC net web page)

Manually enter new storm tracks or earthquake events

Manually enter tracks aside from for hurricanes (eg. balloon ride, deliver’s route, chicken migration route, etc.)

Manually enter events other than earthquakes (eg. volcanic eruptions, natural disasters, injuries, political summits, and many others.)

ECLIPSES: You can select any solar eclipse (partial or overall)from 1801AD to 2200AD, and display its course across the earth on any map. Eclipse paths may be overlaid on pinnacle of astro-traces for any chart.

STARS: You can pick out up to 36 stars to be displayed in conjunction with, or in preference to, planets. A provided fixed famous person editor allows you to go into records for any celestial items of your preference.

REPORTS: For any chart, the following facts listings can be viewed: parans interspersed with metropolis names for the contemporary map place; parans interspersed with city names close to the range of the chart vicinity; cities conjunct or opposite planet strains for the cutting-edge chart. A one to 3-page formatted printable report of interpretive text will also be generated for the relocation of any chart to any region in the world. This includes the following sections: planets which can be near angles; conjunction with planet course strains; paran traces around the latitude of relocation.

ZODIAC TYPES: Celestial zodiac (for regular charts); geodetic zodiac (for mundane charts) with user-definable starting longitude.

HOUSE SYSTEMS: Campanus, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric.

CHART POINTS: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon’s Nodes (mean or genuine), Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Hygeia, Astraea, Vulcan, Transpluto, Transneptunians, Black Moon Lilith (suggest position). Charts can be calculated for any date from 5401 BCE to 5399 CE. All planetary positions are calculated the use of the Swiss Ephemeris, that is at least as correct as the Astronomical Almanac, the standard planetary and lunar tables astronomers discuss with. You may choose any combination of the above points for show on maps or in chart wheels. You may customise the colours used for every chart factor.

Solar Fire’s Maps makes it possible to use all of the following strategies of geographical astrology, that allows you to assisting astrologers to explore the sector of planetary energies as they relate to human beings and events in extraordinary locations in the international.

GEODETIC (MUNDANE) CHARTS: Several mundane astrologers of note, which includes Sepharial and Johndro, have advanced a distinct astro-locality mapping technique, which makes use of a symbolic projection of the zodiacal signs onto bands of longitude around the Earth. Typically the 0† Aries factor is projected onto the Greenwich meridian (0° of longitude), and the sign divisions fall each 30† around the equator. This projection method is frequently used inside the astrology of countrywide and international politics and occasions, using charts of nations and towns and is available in Solar Maps v5.

TRANSITS, PROGRESSIONS & SOLAR ARC DIRECTIONS: In addition to viewing the planetary traces of a natal chart over a map, a method that can be used is to view the planetary strains of progressions or transits or solar arc directions to that natal chart. As these charts vary with time (i.e. they’re dynamic), it’s miles viable to use this approach as a predictive device by using looking at how planetary lines trade over a time frame. This technique is a feature of Solar Maps model five.

LOCAL SPACE ASTROLOGY: Local Space Astrology makes use of a measurement machine based totally at the neighborhood horizon and meridian, and became pioneered by using Michael Erlewine. While the positions of the planets, as measured in right ascension and declination, or celestial range and longitude, remain nearly consistent irrespective of the observer’s region, measurements of planets’ azimuth and altitude exchange dramatically in step with wherein on Earth they’re determined from. The azimuths of the planets may be plotted, considered and published as a neighborhood horizon chart in Solar Maps v5. The same method also can be used on maps of big areas.

ANIMATION: You can step or run a chart thru time even as your astro-mapping traces are displayed on any map of the sector. You can animate any type of chart, either natal or subsidiary (transits to natal, secondary stepped forward, tertiary stepped forward and solar arc directed).

You also can use this animation function:

To view the general movement of transiting planets and astro-lines via time to familiarise your self with the everyday speeds and styles of motion of the planets and astro-strains.

To view the motion of transiting planets and astro-traces through a specific period of time to determine whilst sure mundane astrological events occur.

To view the movement of someone’s subsidiary chart planets and astro-lines thru a specific period of time to determine while certain astrological activities arise when it comes to the natal chart.

To view the motion of the day/night boundary at some stage in the course of the day to determine the times of dawn and sunset at diverse places.

To make adjustments to (i.e. rectify) a natal chart, with the aid of stepping the chart via instances near the possibly delivery time, and noting when various astro-line contacts arise at the map.


VEDIC ASTROLOGERS can enjoy the North Indian and South Indian square charts, dasas,

bhuktis, Whole Sign and Hindu Bhava Houses (Sri Pati), Lahiri,

Krishnamurti and different ayanamsas. It is also feasible to forged numerous

Vedic divisional charts and to view the Nakshatras (Vedic lunar

divisions) inside the Solar Fire tabulations which display the

Nakshatras for the current chart according to the default sidereal

zodiac. The names and types of the mansions are given, in addition to a few

key phrases describing the attributes of each mansion.

Dasas for Natal Charts: Solar Fire V9 carries

two pages that may be displayed showing the Dasas for a natal chart. A predominant dasa cycle runs for one hundred twenty years and it’s miles in addition sub-divided

into sub-dasas additionally called bhuktis. If you open a natal chart and use

a Vedic zodiac, like Lahiri, you may now display the dasa intervals for

that natal chart.

Ashtkoot Compatibility System: The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a machine that has its roots in

India and is in most cases utilized in Vedic astrology. Vedic and Relationship

Astrologers will love this easy calculation that compares two

humans’s charts and comes up with a compatibility rating. Anything over

18 is a inexperienced light. Try your charts and notice the way you go. As Solar

Fire’s very own Neville Lang explains: “Ashtkoot” genuinely manner “8 element”.

The scoring within this gadget is based on the position of the sidereal

Moon (Lahiri) of the 2 people and the 8 elements are scored at the

integration of those two Moon positions. The maximum rating is 36. The

implementation of this machine in Solar Fire V9 lets in a person to

pickcharts from either the chart files or ones that have been

entered and if a zodiac utilized in those charts is one aside from the

Lahiri zodiac then Solar Fire V9 routinely converts the Moon

role to the Lahiri (sidereal) position internally and the ratings

calculated. Neville Lang has studied approximately a hundred couples over a ten yr

length (still a small pattern size) the use of the Ashtkoot Compatibility

system he has give you a few tentative boundaries of the Total

rating. If you consider the use of traffic lighting fixtures as a short indicator

then the Red light will constitute rankings of 40% of the maximum 36 (a

rating of 14.four) and lower, the Orange mild will constitute the variety

from 40% (14.five) to 69% (24.7), and the Green light will represent

ratings of 24.8 and better. Basically, the Red mild suggests a warning

for the long term viability of the connection, the Orange mild approach

this is it “middling” and requires more evaluation of the 2 man or woman

charts at the same time as the Green mild indicates a excessive diploma of compatibility

for the relationship to run for the long time.

Wheels: We have now brought new Vedic Wheel styles along with Nakshatra Simple and Nakshatra With Signs.


Astrology has been used for lots purposes over the centuries, but one use of astrology that isn’t so usually recognized about is assistance with financial forecasts and decisions. The astrological gear employed are taken from the equal common toolset used with natal and electional astrology, however the interpretation of the astrological facts is carried out to monetary realities and concerns. And as is the case with all of astrology, this use of astrology is primarily based on empirical evidence amassed over a long time period – astrological activities similar to events in financial markets. Financial astrology has been used, among different matters, to are expecting principal events in monetary markets, to choose shares, to time trades in financial units, and to research enterprise performance & actions in a inventory marketplace.

The Company (Incorporation) chart is the fundamental indicator of the commercial enterprise – its usual characteristics, it is strengths and weaknesses, its interests and its kind of modus operandi. The First Trade chart may have varying significance, however it’s going to without a doubt mirror how the company’s stock traded on that day, and to a degree can also portray the stock’s trading nature and characteristics from that factor onwards.

Solar Fire’s Calendar may be useful for following planetary each day components and specific times of culmination (Intraday Traders).

You can also use Solar Fire’s Real Time Clock to observe planets rise, culminate and set as you trade (Intraday Traders).

You may additionally pick out to use the Moon and Lunar Phases which many do not forget important in monetary astrology. Overall, research and statistics display that the waxing phase of the cycle is extra bullish in comparison to the bearish waning section – each inventory, but, has an inherent natal lunar cycle.

The Lunar Phases page object may be useful to use on a chart page. You can also view similar lunar section statistics on a chart Report Tabulation. Additionally you can forged all sorts of lunar phase and return charts for a company.

WD Gann changed into a finance dealer who developed the technical financial analysis tools known as Gann angles, Square of nine, Hexagon, Circle of 360. One of his techniques applied Planetary Returns which you can effortlessly cast in our software program.

It may be beneficial to keep an eye fixed on the declinations of the transiting planets. You can view a Declination Strip item and Tabulations on a Reports web page, or use the Graphic Ephemeris with Declination as the coordinate you are interested by the usage of at the graph.

You can search through charts for almost any astrological signature.

Solar Fire also provides the capability to change from Geocentric to Heliocentric charts and graphs. In the contemporary Version 9 you can try this with the aid of a simple toggle alternate on the toolbar. You also can generate your personal geocentric or heliocentric Ephemeris, then export the ephemeris as an Excel document.

You can view Eclipses and the diverse Saros cycles and might activate eclipses for any Dynamic Report, encompass eclipse points in an Extra Ring Points report for use around a Natal or Event Chart, or in a User Defined Points report to be used alongside the ordinary Displayed Points in a chart. You also can view eclipse facts in a chart’s Report Tabulations within the “Phases/Eclipses” tabulation. Once you have purchased Solar Fire you will locate extra special assist available from in the application.

Financial astrologers now have the capacity to import .csv financial facts into Solar Fire and show this on the Graphic Ephemeris. This new feature is activated by a new “Import Financial Data” button within the Graphic Ephemeris Selection display. When clicked, it launches a browser entitled “Select the CSV record containing your data”. You can then can choose one record or cancel. When you pick a file, Solar Fire does a few preliminary analysis to affirm that it may make experience of the data contained inside. If Solar Fire can you then have the options of choosing or de-selecting columns of facts to display in the ephemeris through clicking on them, the usage of the “Pick the Date Column” button to pick a column with date data (commonly it detects the primary one with dates), pick out various rows to apply (those numbers default to all of the rows in the report), base the minimal and most of the graphing on all columns, or on a specific data column, show the vertical scale choice (this defaults to checked, and way that there may be numbers from the financial facts posted next to the angles on the Graphic Ephemeris). Clicking “Import” units this facts to be used on every occasion the ephemeris is displayed. You are then back to the Graphic Ephemeris Selection display, and can click “View” to see the ephemeris. The financial information’s scale is proven on the left – from 33 at the 40-degree line as much as 126 at the zero-diploma line. Nothing approximately this procedure absolutely calls for that the spreadsheet records be financial in nature. Anything you can installed a spreadsheet through the years is to be had for this feature; some customers have mapped their weight over the years, or their kids’s height.


Solar Returns Interpretations: The brand new Solar Fire v9 now consists of a brief interpretations document for Solar Returns. This file written through Stephanie Johnson evaluates and translates the major issues for the approaching birthday year. It consists of the Planets in the Houses and Signs (and the Aspects to the Sun).

Chart File Merging: Solar Fire now affords a way for users to merge their chart files. This is in particular beneficial in case you’ve been running on more than one computers. You may find that you’ve delivered some charts on one device and delivered others on the other, and need to convey them back right into a single document you can use on both machines.

Lunar Gardening: Solar Fire’s calendar has been revised to include gardening suggestions based at the phases and symptoms of the Moon. This statistics is located in the top middle of each calendar day, in inexperienced text. This function is became on in calendar Settings, with the “Show Gardening Times” checkbox.

The gardening advice furnished is based on the following ideas:

• The real days of the New Moon and Full Moon are considered poor days for any gardening hobby, and extra suitable for ceremony.

• The Third Quarter phase of the moon (from 0.33 sector to complete) is considered terrible for planting, however precise for garden upkeep consisting of weeding or harvesting.

• The other stages of the moon are correct for planting and transplanting, and the sort of planting that is maximum appropriate is primarily based at the sign the moon is in. Water signs are true for leafy veggies, Earth signs and symptoms for root vegetation, Air signs for flowers, and Fire symptoms for veggies or end result with internal seeds. (This is in keeping with Rudolf Steiner’s technique to Biodynamic agriculture.) Note that the recommendation is supplied based totally on the placement of the moon at noon; please examine the actual time of ingress of the moon from one sign to the subsequent for extra specific planting timing.

Chart Data: Every time we improve our Solar Fire variations we upload more Chart Data for you. This statistics is supplied by way of professionals and lives as much as the high preferred set by means of our overdue colleague Lois Rodden. Version 9 has 500 greater charts of well-known human beings introduced to our Chart Files plus a further document specially for those of you who’ve an interest in Horse Racing.

Zodiacal Releasing: Those who love Hellenistic Astrology might be overjoyed with the addition of the ability to calculate Zodiacal Releasing, an historical timing method this is derived from the work of the second century astrologer Vettius Valens. Thanks to Astrologer Chris Brennan, Solar Fire now calculates this vital Time Lord machine. Zodiacal Releasing is used a good way to divide someone’s existence into huge spans of time or chapters, with each chapter activating a particular signal of the zodiac and a specific planet. Once these durations are decided, the approach may be used to become aware of periods of heightened interest or importance relative to certain subjects, which includes one’s career or relationships. The approach additionally provides information about which durations of a person’s existence will have a tendency to be either extra smooth or hard relative to those subjects. Solar Fire V9 additionally now includes the Whole Sign (Part of Fortune) House gadget.

Primary Directions:

Primary Mundane / Primary Zodiacal options

Placidus or Regiomontanus strategies for computing directions

New price keys

Classical or Modern definitions of Converse

Expert astrologers can now enjoy our revised and extended the range of Primary Directions reports to be had via the Dynamic Reports feature. Solar Fire now has “Primary Zodiacal” directions in addition to revamped “Primary Mundane”. Previously, Solar Fire computed Primary Directions in keeping with the semi-arc technique promoted by means of Placidus. Solar Fire now lets in you to pick among Placidus’ semi-arc projections and Regiomontanus’ favored projections primarily based on hour circles to decide mundane function. Solar Fire now computes Primary Directions to Radix lots quicker and permits numerous greater “price keys” to be had in the Preferences / Settings / “Progs/Dirns” tab which include Cardan’s key (59 tiers 12 minutes), Placidus’ key (based at the proper solar arc in Right Ascension), Solar Birthday Longitude (just like Kepler’s key, but longitude in place of proper ascension), and User-decided charge. Solar Fire has also delivered an alternative for the Classical Converse or the Modern Converse techniques. These are two one of a kind processes to computing speak Primary Directions.The Classical speak is computed through switching the two factors being in comparison, while the Modern communicate (in use since the 19th century) is computed by way of reversing number one movement.

Financial Data Import:

Financial astrologers now have the capability to import .csv financial statistics into Solar Fire and show this at the Graphic Ephemeris. This new feature is activated through a brand new “Import Financial Data” button within the Graphic Ephemeris Selection display screen. When clicked, it launches a browser entitled “Select the CSV file containing your statistics”. You can then can pick one record or cancel. When you select a record, Solar Fire does some initial evaluation to affirm that it can make experience of the statistics contained inside. If Solar Fire can then you definitely have the alternatives of selecting or de-selecting columns of data to show in the ephemeris by clicking on them, the usage of the “Pick the Date Column” button to choose a column with date records (generally it detects the first one with dates), select a number of rows to use (these numbers default to all the rows inside the report), base the minimum and most of the graphing on all columns, or on a specific facts column, show the vertical scale choice (this defaults to checked, and manner that there will be numbers from the monetary records published subsequent to the angles at the Graphic Ephemeris). Clicking “Import” sets this records for use whenever the ephemeris is displayed. You are then returned to the Graphic Ephemeris Selection screen, and may click on “View” to peer the ephemeris. The economic records’s scale is proven on the left – from 33 at the 40-diploma line as much as 126 at the 0-degree line. Nothing approximately this system simply calls for that the spreadsheet statistics be financial in nature. Anything you can put in a spreadsheet over the years is to be had for this feature; a few users have mapped their weight through the years, or their children’s peak.

Email Support: In previous versions Solar Fire enabled emailing of charts through MAPI e mail software program which includes Outlook. In Version nine Solar Fire now supports different email addresses. In different words, when you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo electronic mail deal with you can now directly email charts from Solar Fire.

Solar Maps Parans: In previous versions you can display the Parans of a planet to your map. Now within the present day Solar Maps you may pick out and pick out the Parans that you would really like to show. Not handiest that however you may click on at the Paran line as soon as it is displayed to show it off.

Charubel Degrees: Solar Fire now functions a new Degrees Interpretation report on your research purposes. Charubel is the professional call for Welsh occultist, clairvoyant and healer John Thomas. First posted in the 1890s those degree interpretations are extremely fatalistic. Many of the degrees have dire interpretations and these ought to be used for academic functions, not for customers.

Since Charubel wrote his diploma interpretations astrology, and the arena in standard, has changed and grown. In the mild of the modern-day day his degrees are harsh. Nevertheless there’s astrological facts to be gleaned from his insights. Thus the creators of Solar Fire thank the publishers of the e book The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised for giving their blessing on the inclusion of those writings in our software program.

Chart Data:Each model of Solar Fire adds an increasing number of Chart Data of famous people for your hobby, research and paintings. This version sees masses of more charts. We have additionally blanketed a Horse Racing Chart Data File with 100 charts of horses, running shoes, proprietors, jockeys, and so on.

Dials, Wheels and Page Styles:Solar Fire v9 now has dozens of recent Dial patterns for single, bi, tri and quadri dials.

Our interesting upgrades are often easy but oh so favored

Nodal Opposition: Traditionally Solar Fire has not included the Nodal Opposition. In response to a few astrologers’ requests we’ve got now blanketed this as an option under Chart Options.

ACS Atlas: Each version of Solar Fire is up to date with the modern time area and location statistics made available inside the ACS Atlas. Solar Fire v9 now has those modern-day adjustments. You also can edit your ACS Atlas records to replace yourself on every occasion a country changes its time zones.

Windows 8 improvements:Solar Fire v9 now makes use of a new “ET Asteroid 1a” font (with thrilling new glyphs for Salacia, Galactic Center, etc), and your point files will be automatically updated as wished.

Our treasure box of new little gemstones

Whole Sign (Part of Fortune) House System; Chris Brennan, who’s an professional in Hellenistic astrology, states that “the Part of Fortune became originally used as an exchange Ascendant, which created a fixed of derivative Whole Sign houses from the sign of Fortune.” Based on his commands, Solar Fire now includes a brand new residence device alternative which mixes complete signal houses with the conventional technique of turning the chart that allows you to use the Part of Fortune because the Ascendant.

Geocentric/Heliocentric Toggle:Solar Fire v9 now features a easy toggle feature on the toolbar. You can add this feature to the toolbar and then without problems toggle among geocentric and heliocentric charts.

Solar Fire v9 now uses a new “ET Asteroid 1a” font (with interesting new glyphs for Salacia, Galactic Center, etc), and your point files might be mechanically up to date as wanted.

We also have delivered the Quindecile glyph – Johndro style.

Eclipse Search: We have improved the Eclipse Search and Print features in Solar Fire.

In the mapping phase you may now save the modern map as a JPG (further to BMP or GIF).

Solar Maps 5, blanketed in Solar Fire v9, now has advanced navigation. Solar Maps now additionally helps the overall Solar Fire displayed factor set, consisting of Eris, Sedna, and Selena.

Those who love Relocation Astrology are sure to like the development of clicking on a factor in “Relocate” mode in order to mechanically display the relocated chart.

More new capabilities in upgrades from older versions

Computer Requirements

Software Requirements

WindowsXP, Vista,Windows 7 or Windows eight advocated.

Tablets: Windows eight RT, which comes on many pills, does NOT run Solar Fire V9. You ought to have Windows eight Pro.

Hardware Requirements

PC or compatible pc with Pentium processor (or equivalent)

CD or DVD power in case you order a CD (downloadable model also available)

RAM relies upon on which model of Windows you have: — Windows XP – 128

MB of RAM minimum – 256 MB of RAM or extra encouraged; – Windows Vista

– 512 MB RAM minimum – 1 GB of RAM or greater encouraged. Windows 7 and eight – 1

GB RAM minimum – 2 GB of RAM or more encouraged.

About two hundred MB of loose disk area for a full installation.

SVGA Screen with 800×600 pixels minimal, XGA with 1024×768 or higher is usually recommended.

Internet get right of entry to is suggested.

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